Ordering Fast Food Japanese Style! – HD

At the new and very popular grilled beef bowl restaurant Chikara Meshi during my 2012 vacation in Tokyo. Like most other small restaurants in Japan, you order your food from a vending machine before you sit down at a bar-like counter where you can watch the staff prepare the food.

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  1. sparrow4

    I hear Asturias… my dad used to always play that on guitar so hearing it vaguely in the background of this video was strange haha

  2. Canuckelhead83

    Oh yes I was looking up info for the Suica card, looks more convenient and time saver. Thanks for the info. I'll be going for the first time, and going solo, so a bit nervous haha.

  3. samuraibIue

    Most of these machines don't have English translation and aren't as advanced as this one. But thankfully most people can speak at least a little basic English. If you are going to travel the subway alot be sure to get a Suica card. They're awesome and so convenient.

  4. Canuckelhead83

    Looks fairly easy. My main concern is trying to order food and not being able to read a menu or order in English with no one understanding me. I'll be looking for these things during my visit 🙂

  5. Jess Bunty

    Oh jeez, I went into a little restaurant with one of those machines on the first night I was in Japan, and I was stumped. It looked a lot older than that one does, with no touch screen, just buttons and tiny writing everywhere. I was petrified of it, lol! I ended up going to a 7/11 for rice balls instead!

  6. Sheng Long

    Most places which accept cards might not accept yours, just go to a 7/11! There you can get cash from your card if you're in need!!!

  7. samuraibIue

    The main purpose I can see for these machines is so the employees don't have to waste time handling cash. You just hand them the slip of paper that the machine spits out and they prepare the food.

  8. samuraibIue

    Hi, I am half Japanese and live in Canada. I went to Tokyo last year for the first time and everyone was so nice and almost overly helpful even though I barely spoke any Japanese. My whole trip was a great experience, good to hear that your sister had a similar experience in Japan.

  9. Bunga chetah anastasia

    Hai there,
    My sister got back from a trip to Japan a few days ago, and she said the exact same thing. There was one time when she didn't close her bag, fortunately the wallet and other important stuffs were safe. Japanese are very polite, always answer her questions (though it was hard to understand), and help her when she was lost. Thank you from me and my sister (we are indonesian).


  10. samuraibIue

    No, these machines don't take credit cards. Japan is mainly a cash only society and credit cards are only accepted at major stores. If you ever plan to visit Japan be prepared to carry lots of yen around in your wallet but since its such a safe country to be in you won't have to worry too much about getting mugged or something.

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