A DAY TRIP TO NARA – Exploring Japan's Ancient Capital

Nara is just a short train ride away Kyoto and makes for a perfect day trip as you can sightsee and eat your way the main attractions. One of the highlights is meeting the bowing deer of Nara park where you have the opportunity to feed them deer crackers. If you bow before feeding the deer the crackers they will bow in return with a cracker as a reward. Some of the temples and gardens we visited in Nara were simply incredible. It is postcard perfect Japan in many ways.

Things to do in Nara, Japan Travel Guide + Nara Street Food:

1) Feeding the bowing deer of Nara deer crackers at Nara Park
2) Eating deer poop snack (chocolate covered nuts)
3) Tōdai-ji wooden temple and bronze buddha statue for 600 Yen
4) Green tea and Sakura Japanese ice cream
5) Yoshiki-en Garden for free

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