Oyakodon – Chicken and Egg in a Bowl (Japanese Food) | MollyDolly Cooking

This is a simple and quick Oyakodon which you can cook in minutes. It’s a combination of tender and juicy chicken with soft and silky egg. So delicious, you can cook and eat this every day.

Oyakodon Recipe:-
1 pc Chicken Thigh
1/2 pc Onion
1 Egg
Spring Onion
1 tbsp Soy Sauce
1 1/2 tbsp Mirin
2 tbsp Dashi Stock
1/8 tsp Sugar
Steamed Rice

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  1. Ariha Food Style

    What a video i think your recipe is totally different i see your video completely good prestation great meal this is a too much experience for me keep it up 😃🤗😋😋😋🤗👍🏾

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