11 Replies to “Try to Cook Japanese Recipe | Using “CORNFLAKES” | Honest Japanese Cooking”

  1. Brian Gallagher

    Growing up, we had a meal of chicken breast coated with crushed cornflakes, but later switched to using panko. Kind of like the opposite of this.

  2. HQBunker

    Love the opening! Sometimes I crush cornflakes and use instead of breadcrumbs. I tried it with nachos as well, but they stay hard but don't stay crispy and don't absorb oil to crisp them so I don't advise that.

  3. John Smalldridge

    I’ve seen corn flakes crushed and used as breading for fried fish. I think most starches can be used as substitutes one for another.

  4. Joe Maveal

    I loved the content a lot! I've been trying to look for a vid that educates the topics in this video. That knowledge at 1:08 is my favorite. Your breakdown reminds me of the channel of Dr. Ethan! Ethan's demonstrations are for sure knowledgable and he really helped me on exams.

    I recommend you check out his channel out and give the Doctor a subscribe! ➡️ #DoctorEthanMedLife

  5. GorRoc Bloodgrin

    Once again, love your videos. And I agree, change and trying new ways/ things is always fun and good… even if they don't turn out as planned.

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