Japanese garden Minecraft, 1.16 building tips and tricks

Japanese garden Minecraft, 1.16 building tips and tricks
Today I’m looking at 4 ideas for Japanese gardens which you can use in your Japanese themed minecraft builds. I’ve taken images of real gardens and re-created them in minecraft using the simple elements of Japanese garden design.

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7 Replies to “Japanese garden Minecraft, 1.16 building tips and tricks”

  1. Hewe go

    Oh that lily's are genius, i thought ut was mod or something.
    Do u make interiors for houses? Also i'm building a city on a public server, it would be cool if u could build some garden over there. Contact me if u r interested, i'll put that in a video…

  2. BobertPickle

    Lovely gardens, the water garden was my favourite, those Lilly pad flowers were amazing, going to be steeling that one for sure.

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