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Movie :-Life Ki To Lag Gayi
Cast :-K Kay Kay Menon, Ranvir Shorey, Pradhuman Singh
Director :- Rakesh Mehta
Writer :- Rakesh Mehta
Producer :- Rakesh Mehta
Music :- Lokesh Bakshi
Digital Partner :- Unisys

Synopsis :- Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi is a one day journey of four different people struggling in the city of Mumbai. One with vengeance, one on a mission, one with hope and one to con.

28 Replies to “Hindi Full Movie – Life Ki To Lag Gayi – Bollywood Action Movies – Full Movies”

  1. Gurpreet

    I thought this is going to be a great movie… But this movie…. Is absolute shit👎👎👎👎👎…. bakwasss film….sali koi sense hi ni ban rhi thi story ki… Pathetic 😂😂😂😂…hassi is ghatia film pe

  2. Vimal Sharma

    अच्छी फिल्म और जानदार अभिनय किया है सभी कलाकारों ने।।

  3. Vimal Sharma

    ये जीवन ऐसा ही है हर व्यक्तित्व या हर जीव संघर्ष कर रहा है

  4. Sidharth Mohapatra

    Really nice simple and entertaining movie, treatment/ plot/script/ narration/ dialog/ acting everything was excellent
    Keep it up

  5. Sushant Kumar

    Best few minutes of the movie…when Dollie the golddigger gets it all back with interest…..😂😂😂😂..by the way it's a nice movie….very nice

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