Japan Travel/ Hamanako Fruits Park

Japan Travel/ Hamanako Fruits Park

In this video Yam Lavador and her friends went to Hamanako Fruits Park in Hamamatsu,Japan. This is not a typical Fruits Park but some place where you can enjoy taking tons of videos and photos because of creative lightnings and shower lights. I hope you will enjoy.

Wazzup Yamsters! Thank you for the continuous love and support to Yam Lavador. The aim of this channel is to share with you the life here in abroad and also to give you some knowledge in other areas such as Travelling, Knowledge Introduction, Life experiences, ideas, and so much more to come. To stay updated kindly subscribe to my YouTube Channel, like and comment down below to have more connection and stay updated. Yam Lavador is also grateful to have you Yamsters to support this Channel.
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Music: Moon
Musician: Carl Storm
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25 Replies to “Japan Travel/ Hamanako Fruits Park”

  1. Jay Cee Max

    You are a great vee-logger Yam Yham. I don't care much for water shows as it's just computer-aided spout tabulations set on water. What I am amazed with is how straight you held the camera throughout this vlog. Those things excite me more. Plus the quality of the image and the nice jump-cut editing shows you got the right stuff to keep this stuff going. I enjoyed seeing you on the bus as well.
    Please give a thanks to the wonderful babaes that you were with. They were so positive and jolly.
    What a great crew.
    Keep smiling the way you do.
    Ciao ciao.

  2. Yam Lavador

    Thank you for all the love and support Yamsters! This is not a typical Fruit Park, I love the twist how the name itself made it!

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