How much does it REALLY cost to travel Japan?

Have you ever wondered how much money it would cost to travel around Japan for 2 weeks? When planning a trip it’s easy to get intimidated by the potential price tag, so today I want to break down every dollar I spent on my trip, in order to give you a more realistic idea of how much your dream vacation will cost.

Considering I went a little bit overboard in certain areas (i.e Strong Zero) on top of listing how much I spent I will also tell you how much the budget alternative would cost. That way no matter what your budget is, you’ll have a clear idea of how much money you need to save.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:56 – Transportation
03:40 – Accommodation
04:45 – Logistics
06:10 – Activities
07:03 – Food & Drinks
08:32 – Total Cost


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20 Replies to “How much does it REALLY cost to travel Japan?”

  1. ChaoticOrder

    So what I’m hearing is that I will spend at least 5-6 hundred dollars more than you because of food and even more anime merchandise and the cost to ship it all back.

  2. KacKLaPPeN23

    First off, great video, loved it.
    The hotel to hotel luggage delivery sounds really convenient. Though I only stayed in AirBnBs (except the very first day) so I guess it wouldn't apply in my case. Something that would've been even more convenient would be hotel to airport luggage delivery, because fuck me I ended up brining the whole inventory of about two or three Hard-off's with me (okay maybe a slight exaggeration but I bought a ton of used stuff) and wanted to die when I had to drag that shit with me to the airport.
    A few points I wanted to address:
    International SIM cards can be incredibly expensive depending on the country you live in. A cheaper way to get one is to just buy one when you're in japan. It's easy to pull off if you pre-plan your trip to a Yodobashi (I'd recommend the one in Akiba as it's really easy to get to). I ended up getting a 1 Month 3GB data-only SIM for around 23€.
    You only spent 8 dollars at the arcade? Hats off to you, I probably got closer to 80 (damn you chunithm).
    Accommodation is the most important part of any trip it's where you can save the most but also fuck up the most. Pictures are deceiving if taken right, I learned that the hard way on some of my stays (if you ever read Uhome Tabata, RUN). For a first stay I generally recommend spending at least 3 days per accommodation (unless it's literally just a night you have to spend before you keep on traveling further) packing your shit every day or two gets old really fast.
    Good choice on getting a rental car, they really unlock a lot of possibilities (I did a good part of an initial D pilgrimage with my rental which would've been impossible without one, hmu if you ever plan one, I'll give you some pointers). But you really should've mentioned parking cost, if the place you stay at doesn't have a parking option you've got a problem as parking on the side of the road is illegal in japan and those pay-to-park spaces can add up really quick. Oh, and expressway tolls. Country roads are more fun most of the time, but depending on the trip you might have to take the expressway for a bit which is INCREDIBLY expensive, luckily there's something like the JR Rail Pass for expressways (called expressway passes), sadly those never cover everything.

  3. Dave

    Hey its me again! I see that you are a fan of oregairu, I recently found the location for the final scene of episode 11, you can look it up on google earth or google maps, its called Inageritsu Bridge, located near their school pilgrimage. Hope this gives you more destinations to visit when you return there. looking forward to your future anime vs real life vids man!

  4. サンゴ礁

    Luggage transfer sounds like a good idea. I had to drag two large (broken) suitcases from rural Okinawa to Tokyo and that was one of the dumbest decisions I've ever made lol.

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