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On Episode 3 of our 4-day road trip through Central Japan, we visit Inuyama Castle and a Japanese washi paper museum, before spending the night in a traditional inn in the Okuhida region.

– Timeline –
0:00 Introduction
0:59 Achi Village
1:16 Inuyama Castle
3:21 Mino Washi Museum
4:37 Yumoto Choza
6:11 Outro

– Video Credits –
Host: Raina Ong
Videographer and editor: Charles Sabas
Producer: Stefan Schauwecker & Export Japan

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28 Replies to “4-Day Road Trip Across Central Japan: Episode 3 | japan-guide.com”

  1. japan-guide.com

    * A note on corona safety: in this video, filmed during the early stage of the epidemic, our host can be seen without wearing a mask. Please note that this was strictly limited to time spent on camera, conducted at a safe distance from others and with the cooperation of local businesses.

  2. Rogelio Vidales

    The only bad thing about these videos is that they aren't long enough, I could keep watching for much more time hahahaha Joke aside, keep the great job and thanks for the uploads! I hope the pandemic is over soon so I can visit Japan again.

  3. IKEMEN Osaka-ben!【大阪弁】

    The drone footages of the cities are amazing. Did you have to get a license of some sort? I heard the rules are quite strict in Japan.. (by a drone enthusiast who doesn't have a drone)

  4. Anthony Melancon

    Loving this tour! We had planned to visit Japan last April but then COVID happened. We still hope to get there, soon, I hope. BTW, what is that awesome sound track used as you leave from Achi Village, the strings sound track?

  5. Sam Evans

    Brilliant video. Inuyama Castle beautifully captured, and the ryokan looks magical! Great job guys, and once again, great hosting Raina, particularly love your food/drink reactions in this one!

  6. Jennifer

    I love these videos! Prior to 2020, I was starting to plan my trip to Japan with the help of your videos and website. There are so many wonderful ideas and beautiful places that you have shown over the years. I cannot wait until it’s safe to travel again and explore Japan.

  7. acatinny

    It is so nice to see your channel still going on strong, and I hope you will survive through this ordeal though realistically the international tourism will not re-start till the spring of 2022 judging with how soon most of economically developed countries expect to have their people vaccinated, which is more than a year away staggeringly. I wish everything will be okay, but sadly and inevitably many of local business like hotels, restaurants and shops will go down. I hope you do not have to do too many updates on the information on your site.

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