Japan Travel: Onomichi, Hiroshima – So cool I visited twice in one trip!

This might be one of Japan’s less visited locations. Onomichi captured me from the moment arrived! So much so that I returned a few weeks later to explore even further.

If you like temples, shrines, small quaint Japanese towns and the seaside, oh and let me not forget cats! then Onomichi in Hiroshima prefecture is a place worth visiting.

I stayed one night and due to a rainy day decided to return a few weeks later and stay another night to complete the trip. I was not disappointed.

There is so much that I didn’t see including a cat alley, famous cycling over bridges and some temples that I didn’t have time to visit.

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5 Replies to “Japan Travel: Onomichi, Hiroshima – So cool I visited twice in one trip!”

  1. michael j

    Always love seeing temples and shrines they always interest me fo some reason , may be I was in one in a previous life . I think more people will be visiting Japan in the future, the Rugby world cup is in Japan and everyone has love it and the Japanese people it has shown them in a completely different light to what where used to seeing. Nice vlog as always

  2. Caroline

    I was there on a gloomy day, did not see temples but stayed near the water mostly. I remember googling what food the area was known for and was surprised it was ramen, so I went and got some. It was pretty good! Took a bus to Matsuyama from there. Really would like to go there again and see the temples!

  3. Ninja Monkey

    When I first arrived I knew very little about onomichi but after exploring this little town this could easily make it into a top ten japan list! Has anyone ever gone somewhere and felt the same way?

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