how i study japanese + language learning tips for self-studying

tips and resources i used while self-studying japanese 🙂 head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain!

hey guys! i really wanted to make a video sharing the most helpful resources and tips i learned after a month of self-study, so here it be :3
learning and studying languages is something i find quite fun and interesting, so i’m really excited to be taking an actual japanese course in college right now 🙂 this video is mostly centered on tips for self-studiers, but hopefully I’ll be able to share more tips as i learn from my class in future videos as well!
comment below and let me know what language you are studying, and your best language study tip that works for you 🙂

resources mentioned:
genki 1 textbook/workbook set:
language learning with netflix:

sticker shop (currently closed):

many things shown in my videos can be found here:


helpful resources to learn about what’s going on in the world right now, expand your perspective + what you can do to help:

– collection of ways to help and numbers to call:
– playlist of videos that will be donating ALL ad revenue to yemen and blm-related organizations, memorials and protester bail-out funds:
– a quick overview of the war in yemen:

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what grade are you in? i am currently in my first year of college
what do you use to film/edit? canon SL2 and final cut pro
what ethnicity are you? chinese-american 🙂

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29 Replies to “how i study japanese + language learning tips for self-studying”

  1. Jahan Amino

    Am I the only one who can hear some little parts of "Tobe Fly" from Haikyuu?
    Anyways, thank you for this vid! It makes me more motivated :>

  2. rei uki

    AAAA ordered the genki textbook and workbook after watching this! I have a question, do you think it's possible to learn japanese without signing up for a class? I might try skillshare tho :>>

  3. Abu Mallal

    actually i want to ask u…. are u japanese??? cuz i think the people in japane
    study kanji….. but the people Outside of Japan study herogana….. but kanji it's really really difficult
    i think if anybody want to study japanese language u should study herogana ktakana then kanji

  4. bradley meacham

    Hello dude. I loved this a lot! I've been trying to research for a video similar to yours that teaches the topics in this video! 🥼 The descriptions at 1:20 is my favorite. Your content totally reminds me of the videos from Doctor Ethan. Doctor's demonstrations are helpful and he actually helped me on my school! He is a respected Dr!

    I recommend you check his YT out and give the doc a like! 👉 #DrEthanEducational

  5. はんな

    Hi! Just a little information for those who learn languages with a flash card making system! I've used Quizlet for around a year until I started noticing that I kept forgetting vocabulary again and again before I switched to Anki. The main difference is the SRS system. With Quizlet you won't know when you need to see a specific word in order to remember. Ankis SRS system always knows what words you NEED to see to never forget it. I write this because I wasted one year with Quizlet. I know Quizlets layout is more user friendly, but it is really easy to make cards with Anki as well, you can customize the program itself, you can add patterns to your cards if you want to, and you will remember 90% of the words you made cards for. I would say Quizlet is more useful for school, at least for me, before a test period, because I will forget most of the things of subjects like Chemistry, Physics etc. which aren't connected with my future plans. So Quizlet is better for a short period, but for long term Anki is a life saver.

  6. Coni Espinoza Yupanqui

    I jsut got my Chinese books to start learning and these tips were helpful im so excited to start learning ✨💕

  7. Su

    hello! i found some pdfs of the genki 1 second edition textbook, workbook, and answer key so if you need them I would happily send them to you! you can dm me on insta @schoolife.01 and then we could share emails and I could send them on over

  8. Myriam Velázquez González

    I'm starting to learn Japanese too and it's difficult because of the online classes 🙁 your video was so helpful, thank you so much ❤️✨

  9. - Iris Bush -

    I am learning French but I’m not good at it 😞
    anyone do everything they can to remember a language but still can’t remember anything

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