Gamecube Language Mod Japanese English

Gamecube Language Mod Japanese English


A detailed tutorial video on how to change the language and menu of a Nintendo Gamecube from Japanese to English… or vice versa.

The next video will continue where this left off and install the XeonGC mod chip for true region free compatibility and the ability to boot backup games.

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14 Replies to “Gamecube Language Mod Japanese English”

  1. theRealAmuro

    Super simple and to the point. I have seen a few other tutorials with a switch to go back and forth between regions but, honestly I'm never going to play a japanese GCN. Pair this with an ODE and your golden. Have you looked at doing an hdmi mod?

  2. matthew reinking

    Hello, I’m interested in doing this to a Japanese console. If I do this does it only change the language to English but still able to play Japanese games? Thanks

  3. Sound Trek

    Quick question Darren, so once this is done the console is still set to play japanese region games right? I have a disc read error after doing this, I am wondering if I need to adjust the power supply for the disc's laser.

  4. s8n187

    hi Darren , great vids on the GC. I also have a Spice Orange and i'm going to language mod as in your video , i didn't know it was possible and that easy. Btw watching you over time you inspired me and i bought the same Stanley Screwdriver Set thanks mate.

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