Japanese boys VS Foreign Boys

What are the differences between Japanese Boys and Western boys when dating? Find out together with CathyCat and our special guest Asagi.

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If you plan to travel or live in Japan, we feature many topics about life in Japan and where to travel to. We ask Japanese girls, boys and elders to give you a glimpse at what Japan is really like. Our reporter and YouTuber Cathy Cat interviews people in Japanese, English and sometimes German!

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41 Replies to “Japanese boys VS Foreign Boys”

  1. Shadow11614

    We American men are slowly not doing the ladies first manner anymore, because unfortunately most women here in the America are starting to get offended by it…..

  2. Olivia Ciolino

    Hi CathyCat! Is there anyway u can make a video or go more into depth ab the LGBTQ community in Japan?? I wanna live in Japan at some point in my life but im not sure how the culture and community feels about that. Thanks!

  3. Suvi-Tuuli Allan KFP Gum Under the Table

    How is ladies-first a good thing? If someone is carrying something, no matter who it is, opening the door for them is the polite thing to do. The one who asks the other out for a date pays the first time because I'm sure that talking about money on the first date is a bit awk but later on why not go Dutch or take turns? idk cis str8 are weird tho.

  4. Diego Silva dos Santos

    All the things she said about Japanese guys were exactly the same experiences I had with Japanese and Korean girls.

  5. Czechbound

    "I heard that Japanese boys can be .. " … Has Cathy not dated any Japanese boys ( or indeed girls if that's her thing ) ? I think it makes it more relatable if the interviewer shares their dating experience also to make a comparison with the interviewee

  6. Tokyo Chiba

    I think it depends on the person. There are Japanese guys who are born overseas which are different I don’t think all Japanese guys are same. And same goes with western guys too. Depending on country I think it’s very different. I really don’t like hearing “western” it sounds kinda discriminatory. What about other guys like Latinos or Asians? Even African guys? I am so embarrassed as Japanese hearing this. Honestly we should give each person a chance no matter what race or background that person is from. I am so sorry for Japanese guys hearing this I am very embarrassed. I am Japanese born American and sigh I do not choose love because of race.

  7. risingsoul

    if someone have manners…its not about gender or age i think. have manners is very rare these days…btw, the music is too loud…>_>

  8. XxWallzxX

    It is February 8 4:20 am

    My mother finally said that they kept her up all night. So they might target my mother next. The last one that I posted was to family on February 5. 3 days ago. I stated that they haven't went crazy on her in an all night and all day like me. They would get on her before. But then let her sleep. But it looks like this is her first night. An all nighter. So they still aim for us all on the Covid19 frame. Like I said before. Once they start on something. They never stop. So now you all know. Before the 5th on which I posted. It was only me that got all nights and days. 24/7 for about 2 days straight. Then they give me a day off. They also spoke of recording of gasps to play over and over again while I have the time off. To continue the frame. Now I will post this on YouTube family. They might erase it as they want clean kills. They erase anything that fights them back like this. As they do control media. Done. Just in case they aim for my mother and say Covid19 next. I gave the date of warning ahead of time. You guys have it too. 3 days later and they started it.

  9. • nightthinker

    Am I the only one feeling a little weird about the ladies first thing, as a lady? I just feel like it's an unwanted privilege or preferential treatment, that makes me feel uncomfortable, weither it comes to opening the door or paying for dinner. I think it's a lot fairer if the person who stands nearest to the door, opens it. and the one who is on a higher budget at the moment, pays for dinner/ you switch up. idk maybe it's a cultural thing, since in Germany it's not that much of an expectation than in e.g the US, even though some do it and indeed see it as a sign of good manners, especially elder people. dont get me wrong, it's not that I'm offended or mad if someone opens the door for me, since I'm aware that they probably do it as a polite gesture, and that some women like or even expect that from them. And I don't take it that serious but still -I find it kinda weird and outdated, especially when we talk about gender equality etc. Am I alone with these thoughts? how do you ladies and gentlemen and anything in between feel about it, and what is it like in your country?

  10. Maxim und Rebakka

    Well. The new Russian rules of using elevators says that a man have to enter in an elevator first!
    Be cause elevators are dangerous and
    If some thing will happen so
    fuck him.

  11. Jason W

    Cathy absolutely love ya! I always enjoy your videos and you are very easy on the eyes ! You make me wanna visit both Japan and Germany !

  12. James Bromstead

    Thank you for the video. Two very lovely young ladies. Please do more collaborations. Thank you Asagi, I now have another channel to watch.

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