Japan Travel Update: State of Emergency Extension 2021

Japan extended the State of Emergency yesterday. What does that mean? Are the Olympics still on course? A lot of questions.
Sources in English about Japan:

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42 Replies to “Japan Travel Update: State of Emergency Extension 2021”

  1. Fruiitpunchsamurai

    If you didn’t know US is in vaccine shortage right now. There is a lot going on here that may be easy to judge but not easy to understand. The gov also does not own Pfizer or moderna so they can’t just donate vaccine they do not own.

  2. El Mission

    Thank you so much for keeping us informed about Japan, John. I am an American and I have a nephew who lives in Japan. He is newly married to a Japanese national and wants to come back to California and carry on with his life. Your reporting makes me feel connected to the Japanese situation and makes me understand my dear nephew and his wife's plight. Keep up the good work!!

  3. texas summer

    freedom, that's the real value of japan. no lockdown but still the infection is not serious compared with other countries.

  4. mariusz a.k.a slim

    They just sat on the news ,,,the world wide pandemic will take at least 7 years to end ,,,,,what a bullshit !!!
    It's time for all people to stand up to the crooked government.
    Wish NY was more like Japan 🗾.
    But afcurse NY government is a all crook's

  5. Linda Connolly

    John, vaccine administration requires physician screening. The vaccine doesn't come in ready to admin syringes. It has to be mixed and then extracted before administering. Each vial has multiple doses. Each clinic requires a lot of manpower to pull off. This is one reason it takes so long. I enjoy your broadcasts immensely. Keep up the great work.

  6. Brenda Mc

    NYT 1/29/21 re Johnson and Johnson vaccine ………..But the results came with a significant cautionary note: The vaccine’s efficacy rate dropped from 72 percent in the United States to 57 percent in South Africa, where a highly contagious variant is driving most cases.

  7. Mikey Moose

    Japan still isn’t so bad that you should be guilted into not working, providing you can be safe then carry on. Vaccines are showing more promise by the day and in the UK we’re over 10 million jabs so there’s hope. There should be some tourism for second half of the year, hopefully.

  8. EG

    Brothers, serious question: is there some sort of go fund me or donation campaign to help Japan financially in any way with the preparations of these Olympic Games?

    I know Japan put a lot of money, time, and effort into these games and we love them so much I would hate to see them loss more than they already have. I am willing to do my part even if it's a little something.

    Japan vied so hard to get these games and it's not their fault that this happened. I have never visited or been to Japan but this is how much the world cares about the Japanese people 😀

    Anyone else reading this post who has any info on this please reply to this comment 🤙 Stay strong Japan we are with you! 🇯🇵🇺🇸🇲🇽

  9. ProArchetype

    I’m from UK and have a 1 year Japan work visa, I was supposed to come at the start of December but am still here in the UK. Any ideas on when I’ll be able to come? My visa actually expires if I don’t enter before the end of March. 🙁

  10. Che1seabluesdrogba11

    Eating and taking your masks off in groups at restaurants is how it's done in the American south, wonder how much that spiked things

  11. Diedra Underwood

    I just got my 2nd shot (Moderna) today. I am so hoping I don't have to cancel my trip again. I pushed it out to this September after cancelling my Dec/Jan trip. I also wish the US could have stepped up but the mess we are in, we are in no shape to help anyone. Thank you so much for the updates. You have to do what you have to do to pay your bills my friend. Keep safe!!

  12. Anna Kaunitz

    The EU has nothing to do with japans vaccine situation I think. The EU has contracts with many vaccine manufacturers and they are jointly approved by the EU commission and the EU medicines agency in Amsterdam for the 27 member country. The EEA countries like Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are part of the deal through Sweden. The EU has had fierce arguments with AstraZeneca about their delayed deliveries but it seems settled by now. The doses the EU is not using will be donated to the COVAX program and to poor countries like Ukraine, Moldova.

    It seems the Japanese government might need to be more transparent about everything? Sounds confusing when no one tells what is going on. Lack of clear consistent communication is not good.

    Each EU country has a vaccine coordinator that is often answering questions in the media and from the public. There has been lots of press conferences.

    Sweden has the same constitutional
    situation as Japan, a lockdown is illegal. The strategy and behaviour changes were communicated from day one. The Swedish public health agency said; be prepared to live with the pandemic for years, this virus is not going away.
    There has been lots of restrictions but mostly recommendations, education and behavioural changes which have been followed by the population. The people trust the health agency and the politicians and and they in turn know to interfere as little as possible.
    Mutual trust base society.

    Swedes did a self imposed lockdown in the spring. Stockholm was a ghost town.
    Over the year, people have been doing differently but they do meet, travel if needed etc.
    It’s how you do it. No crowds, no touching, we stay home if we have any symptoms and testing is widely available and free now. Most people had domestic holidays or staycations at home.
    We are supposed to be thinking smart and be responsible. We also need to keep society going. Lockdowns make poor people poorer. Children’s education is down the drain. The Swedish health agency is responsible for public health, they make the recommendations based on the bigger public health picture. Restrictions have side effects. They base their advice on that.

  13. alegroman

    John, I am a frontline healthcare worker that takes care of Covid 19 patients in a 800 beds medical center here in Los Angeles. Your comments saying that healthcare workers should be given the vaccines and they can vaccinate amongst themselves struck a chord in my nerve that I think a proper response is in order. I am afraid it’s not as simple as you may think. Although the actual injection of vaccines is simple but it’s the preparation of vaccines before it’s given to the patient and documentation and the follow up monitoring that complicates things. In our case the Pfizer vaccines requires sub-zero storage, which many facilities don’t have. Only big hospitals have sub-zero refrigeration. Pfizer vaccines require two injections, the first and the second should be given 21 days apart. The Moderna vaccines also require two shots, but is given 28 days apart. Also, vaccines need to be thawed before being given and can stay viable only for a few hours after thawing. So it’s logistically challenging to vaccinate just a few thousands people. So the idea of giving healthcare workers with syringes of vaccines so they can vaccinate themselves only happens in the movie and not realistic.

  14. Gerald Shields

    @ONLY in JAPAN * GO My hope is that I can visit after I get vaccinated which is I hope by late April-Early May. On the state of Emergency? My assumption is that the lockdown is for foreigners wanting to visit.

  15. tiaopiak

    Singapore just approved Moderna, making 2 approved CoVid Vaccine beside Pfizer. Sinovac is on the way and also subject to approval.

  16. Mo A

    Well Happy Early Birthday 🎂🎂🥳🥳🎂🎂🥳🎂🎉 a livestream birthday party, so your Feb 8th Aquarius? Lol

  17. Gina Reinhold

    Thank John for the update I happy see you and your health stay safe. It important listen to different people and I understand what you mean.


    Japan needs immediately to enforce rectal examination like China, its seems that its the only efficient way to test if someone is healty to enter a country. And man this olympic games must happen at all cost its the future of Japan economy come on lets get rekt.

  19. Susan Moniz

    I"m a Healthcare worker and received my first Covid19 vaccine (Moderna) last weekend . The US will start getting quicker rolling out the vaccine soon to the general population .

  20. Bron p

    Thanks John for your information and your insights. Every country is managing COVID differently, we have to hope those countries who are out of control get on top and of it. Australia hasn’t started vaccination as yet but the plan is to start soon. Seems along the same plan as Japan. Take care of you and Kanaie

  21. JBL

    Does anyone in Japan cares about Olympic other than the politician? Certainly, nobody cares in US. Not even talked about in the media. US is more worried about the next “surge” due the UK and the S. African variant, more contagious and more deadly. Japan should spend their time. money and the effort to get ready for the next surge instead of Olympic.

    You can just be “optimistic”. You need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. NOT the other way around.

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