Collecting Coins in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan (Spoilers) | Power Up Bands

Join me on our SECOND day at Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. Collecting coins and punching blocks! Checking out more of the Power Up Band, mini-games, and Bower Jr. Plus seeing it at NIGHT!

The grand opening has been delayed from February 4, 2021, to an unknown date. We were fortunate enough to visit during the Annual Passholder previews in December and January.


🏰 First Visit to Super Nintendo World:
👻 Super Nintendo World Merchandise Tour:
🍔 Super Nintendo World Food Tour:


🍄 Super Nintendo World Details:
⛑ Super Nintendo World Merchandise:
📘 Universal Studios Japan Guide:


00:00 Super Nintendo World
01:56 Mario Kart Ride Review (2nd Time)
3:35 Power Up Band Games & Collecting Stamps
08:59 Battling Bowser Jr
13:27 Underground Games
17:54 Super Nintendo World Food Round 2
23:23 Super Nintendo World at Night
25:55 Super Nintendo World Popcorn Buckets


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Hi, 👋🏽 My name is Chris aka TDRExplorer and I started this as a place to share my theme park adventures. Over the years, TDRExplorer has evolved into a resource for passionate theme park fans who are looking to make the best of their trips to Asia. Including Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan!

40 Replies to “Collecting Coins in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan (Spoilers) | Power Up Bands”

  1. TDR Explorer

    LET'S GO DAY 2! I missed most of the games and collecting coins on the first visit. So, I'm making it right by trying to get AS MANY COINS AS I CAN. The Power Up Band is essential to enjoy yourself in Super Nintendo World (it's $30 per band to get your own) and they double as Amiibo's too! (I forgot to mention that in the video). Make sure you watch the first vlog too cause I don't explain a lot of things here cause I did in the first video! Thank you so much for watching!

  2. Laura Neuzeth

    I just saw the video about your first visit and I’m still freaking out about this. Everything looks like so much fun. I’m going to lose it when I’m able to go. I’ve been wanting this since I was a child playing on my Super Nintendo. 😭

  3. jknaus23

    This looks awesome, but why call it "Super Nintendo World" and not just "Super Mario World"? It doesn't appear any other games are featured, or maybe there are plans to do something with Zelda, Metriod, etc.? #HAT

  4. momodoesdance

    I’m moving to Korea this summer and I get 26 days paid vacation and you can BET I’m going to Universal Studios Japan just to visit Super Nintendo World. Thank you for all this content!

  5. Jean Bulger

    I enjoy your videos. but I wish you would please face the camera forward when you are entering a new place. Show us your face for your reaction after we get to see, too, please. Thank you very much for your videos.

  6. Theme Park Stop

    HAT! I cannot believe how varied the interactive activities are! Everything is just so well-thought out. Thank you for sharing it with those of us that cannot visit yet!

  7. Eunice Santana

    HAT! Hopefully they'll have Toad's soup bowl available for purchase in the future. Even it's a passholder's exclusive. It's so cute!

  8. Christian Tejada

    Just want to say thanks for this. I don't know when Orlando Florida will get it and I can't wait. Now I'm even more excited for it.

  9. greanteadrinker

    Hat! Holy cow, that place is gorgeous at night, too. Universal really outdid themselves on this one. I was cracking up when you went to put the Mario cap in your backpack, and I flipped out when you turned on the light for the Star popcorn bucket. I cannot wait to visit!!

  10. Friedrich Nietzsche

    Nintendo making a before and after in the ho2 to make a theme park. I hope they build more may be zelda? oh boy , Japanese people better make this one work. Although there will be one in USA, no?

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