What $20 Buys You at a Japanese STREET FOOD Market

Japanese street food is a dream. But how far does a $20 budget go at a morning market? It’s time to find out as we wander through the street market accompanied by Japan’s most questionable chef.



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26 Replies to “What $20 Buys You at a Japanese STREET FOOD Market”

  1. Abroad in Japan

    NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Don't deny it. You wanted the chocobanana.
    If not chocobanana, then what else would you CHOOSE from our selection of six delicious dishes?
    ALSO following on from last week's video complaining about 480p video, we've upped the ante this week by releasing this video in 5K! (Whatever that is).

  2. Antony Brown

    I have heard that fresh fruit is very expensive in Japan, including such things as apples and the aforementioned strawberries. This would be an interesting topic to discuss, as I have always been pretty lucky to have great selection of local fruit from Washington State and British Columbia including all manner of apples, berries, etc.
    I have even heard that Japan imports some fruits like Washington Red Delicious apples.
    Are these prices over-inflated for any particular reason, or are the high prices reserved for special cases? Seems like there is a market for these extravagant items but is this the equivalent of designer handbags where its more about the status associated with these high cost luxury items?

  3. _naveun

    Okay but chocolate bananas are so underrated. I'm sorry you got the pink one, the regular (brown) chocolate banana, nevertheless, was the highlight of my first trip in Japan 4 years ago.
    Got in in Kyoto during gion matsuri, feels bizarre looking back at that day and the crowd in the current situation (social distancing and all). The place was packed, such a great mood – and a great moment for a sweet, cold and crispy chocolate banana.

  4. Jimmy Hellberg

    Fascinating, if you’ve ever been on holiday and had a hotel breakfast, it’s never hard to guess who the British tourists are, they go straight for the cakes and desserts, no matter how early it is … and Chris went straight for the Chocco banana go figures 🤷‍♂️ 🇬🇧

  5. Besa OMC

    I love Ryotaro! 😀 He's so upbeat and deals with Chris which shows his patience and kindness 😉

    Just kidding! Great video Chris 🙂 You look great! Hope you're safe!

  6. ZarlanTheGreen

    Chocobanana is part of Japanese sweets. Not cusine. Sweets don't count as cuisine. You eat both, they are kinda related …but they are distinctly and significantly different.

  7. ZarlanTheGreen

    Given that savory is any tastiness, aside from sweet/bitter, so saying that umami is savory doesn't really say anything …and I think that naming the taste "umami", which is already the Japanese word for tastiness/deliciousness (you can have umami [tastiness], that is completely devoid of umami [the fifth taste]), is just confusing and misleading, making it a very bad term …though only in Japanese, of course. In non-Japanese languages, it only has the meaning of the fifth taste. (hence no confusion)

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