KAMAKURA STREET FOOD: Tastiest Treats on Komachi Dori Street | Day Trip From Tokyo

PLEASE NOTE: This video was filmed before the second state of emergency was declared in Tokyo. As a precaution against covid-19, the video production team always wore masks, sanitized their hands, and had their temperatures checked in restaurants. Our team is now working from home, as recommended by the Japanese government.

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Just a one-hour train ride south of Tokyo, Kamakura is a coastal city in Kanagawa Prefecture with over 150 temples and shrines. One of the most famous of these is the Kotoku-in Temple, known for the giant Kamakura Daibutsu (Great Buddha of Kamakura), which is the second-largest bronze Buddha statue in Japan.

The abundance of temples and shrines in the area make Kamakura a major tourist attraction. And where hordes of tourists go, there is sure to be delicious street food! Being located by the sea, Kamakura street food includes some of the freshest seafood around, from fried fish cakes to shrimp shumai.

Komachi Dori (Komachi Street), located just in front of Kamakura Station, is a major hub for street food stalls and shops, offering both classic Japanese street foods and trendy new bites!

– Deep-fried fish cake
– Corn fishcake
– Shrimp shumai
– Cup sushi from Hanna Inari
– Age-pan (deep-fried bread)
– Blueberry cream cheese Buddha cake
– Ichigo dango

The trip to Kamakura Station from Shibuya Station takes about 1 hour by train, a straight shot on the JR Shonan-Shinjuku line.


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HOST » Shizuka Anderson
DIRECTOR » David Woo
VIDEO EDITOR » Edvin Mulalic
PRODUCER » Serkan Toso

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  1. kobzster06

    You would think that you've pretty much seen all Japanese foods by now, but this channel keeps finding unique food items I've never seen before. That sushi in a cup look sooo good.

  2. Hamilton Naidas

    She speaks the same when you go out to eat with her. Like she is always in character or maybe she is always this way. Lol!

  3. Roshan Thapa

    If you hear carefullyc Her sharp high pitch voice, intonation and oooo is what makes her the cutest.
    Had to hear her voice a lot to figure out

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