Japan Travel Planning Guide: 5 Classic Itineraries

With so many amazing parts of Japan, which is the best to visit? We’ll explore five of Japan’s classic itineraries to help you plan your next trip to Japan! These are some of the best places to discover in Japan. I’ll also discuss how to get there and how to connect them with other destinations. The most popular tourist route is known as the “Golden Route” which visits Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Kyoto, and Osaka. But there’s way more to Japan than just that route!

✅ Tokyo Playlist:
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✅ Hokkaido Playlist:
✅ Tohoku Playlist:
✅ Central Japan Playlist:
✅ Kyushu Playlist:

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17 Replies to “Japan Travel Planning Guide: 5 Classic Itineraries”

  1. Yellow Productions
  2. Colleen H

    Great video on amazing parts of Japan, wow you have been to Japan a lot! You make me want to see so much more then just Tokyo. It was nice to vintage Yellow Productions videos as well. Thanks Chris

  3. Roadtrip Martin

    Great video Chris! Going to Japan for the first time whenever they open again. If I have 3 weeks to do the Golden route, could I squeeze in Kanazawa in that itinerary or would it be too tight?

  4. Stephanie Amen

    Mount Fuji is my dream to visit and hike. I've heard you get a special walking stick and at each station they mark it. And, it's accessible to everyone regardless of physical limitations. Don't you worry about radiation levels when visiting Fukushima?


    Hi Chris. Very informative breakdown of itineraries for people to explore Japan.You and OC Girl look very good in those kimonos. The Golden Route is a great start for people visiting Japan for the first time. Hokkaido is a place that I haven't visited yet and definitely on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing and take care.

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