Study Korean and Japanese with me | starting a new language during lockdown | study vlog 2021

✨Welcome back my friends – it’s time for a new language!!!✨

✨Today’s study vlog is the first where I show you how I started to learn Korean and the tools I’m using. Also, I hope you liked a slice of my life where I showed you my College Grammar class :)✨

✨Yep, I’m still in quarantine here in the UK, so it’s languages and college 24/7 🙂 Is anyone else in lockdown? How is it going?✨

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✨Thank you my friends for your continued support in our Language journey together! It’s not easy but we will get there! Don’t forget to Subscribe for more✨



What is your major? – BA Japanese
What do you use to edit? – iMovie
How many Languages do you know/ are studying? 4 – English (Native), Chinese, Korean, and Japanese

22 Replies to “Study Korean and Japanese with me | starting a new language during lockdown | study vlog 2021”

  1. jazmine layah

    A small note from me… jazmine 🙂
    Hi everyone, I hope you are keeping well. I've realised that my stroke order is wrong with Hangul thanks to your very helpful comments, and it was my mistake.😊 By learning Japanese for 5 years and doing it as a Major, I understand how important it is to learn stroke order with Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. You would be so surprised that I still write some hiragana wrong after all of these years😭! Learning Languages is my NO.1 hobby (after coffee and moccas), and I know how slow but greatly rewarding the process is. (And yes I realise that I won't be good at Korean for at least 1 year lol) And of course I always strive to show you my real and honest learning process. It's not perfect, neither is it the right way for everyone, but I'm here to boost your motivation which in turn boosts mine 😆… and that's why I keep making videos! Thank you for always supporting me and see you in the next video 💕

  2. Ile _

    Definitely the first ㅎ bc I find that it doesn’t break the vertical-horizontal line flow and it can t be confused with ㄹ if you’re writing fast. Also, my teacher said it s better overall

  3. Mafalda Marques

    Sometimes people ask: "why do you learn Japanese?" And I don't know the answer. There's something beautiful in understanding other languages, to be in touch with other cultures and I find it so amusing…

  4. leah

    If your still struggling with Hangul u can watch a youtuber called go billy which teaches you Korean alphabet from a foreigners point of view it took me only a few days after watching his videos hope this helped also make flash cards 🙂

  5. Igor Mendes

    I've tried so harder for to find some notebook's support like that in this video, but I can't find. Maybe this products normally don't come to Brazil.

  6. skullyio


    I would say the first way. When writing Korean faster, I personally find it easier to write it that way. But it is up to the writer because either would work. It is what you feel most comfortable with 🙂
    Also just a side note: If you want to find other communities that have people beginning to learn Korean and advanced people, there is a community on Amino(Korean Language Amino) and a discord server from that Amino too. I love how nice and helpful everyone is there. Many posts are of Korean grammar structures but there are also beginner guides as well
    Discord link:
    Hope your journey to learning Korean goes good. 화이팅
    quick question to everyone that knowns how to read and write in Korean, do you write fighting with "hwa/화" or with "pi/피"?

  7. vivi

    I’m learning korean and Japanese too. Actually I started Japanese back in high school but I decided to come back to it suddenly. Good luck to you! 🤟✨

  8. シ.TX_DOJIN-K16.ツ

    A question how can I have those materials from the web page that appears in the header, so that I can practice Korean 🙁

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