Guiding Outdoor Adventures in Japan | Daniel Moore #ssl191

Daniel Moore founded the Active Japan Travel which works with local businesses and travel agency to provide high-quality tours to visitors in and around Nagano and other pristine rural areas of Japan.

Daniel is also passionate about promoting the Pickleball sport in Japan and even has a plan to create a court in his new backyard in Nagano. He and his brother also offer pickleball tours in Japan.

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3 Replies to “Guiding Outdoor Adventures in Japan | Daniel Moore #ssl191”

  1. jj walsh

    Daniel is doing a great job collaborating with locals and creating longer-stay opportunities for travelers to rural Japan- this is the best way forward in sustainable travel that has more benefit for visitors as well as local communities- thanks Daniel!

  2. The Global Citizenship

    Rural Japan is one the most underrated places to explore. Unfortunately, most people are a little bit scared of the language barrier but it's good that these things are slowly being chipped away!

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