Chanko Nabe – Sumo Hot Pot

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Chanko Nabe, a.k.a. ‘Sumo Stew’ is a popular style of eating hot pot hailing from Japan. It’s the food of choice for sumo wrestlers, thus the nickname. Vegetables, seafood and meat can be cooked in seasoned broth at the dinner table as you dine together.

We made our own chicken stock for this recipe, with varying assortments of vegetables and home-made meatballs to pair with the other hotpot ingredients! It’s easy for everyone, and perfect for a family gathering!

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44 Replies to “Chanko Nabe – Sumo Hot Pot”

  1. Hitesh

    Very soothing background music.. going very well with colourful visuals.. please tell the name of the musician and title of music.. thanks

  2. The King of Antarctica

    I'm gonna make this in remembrance of Byamba, the amazing and kind sumo wrestler who introduced me to this dish. He's eating all the chanko he wants in heaven now.

  3. Michael Fischer

    Thank you for the video! I'm eager to try this myself.

    A quick tip: If you cook the chicken bones for 12 hours you'll pull more of the nutrients from them. 2 hours is not enough!

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