22 Replies to “Japan trip – Lots of meat!”

  1. Mark Plott

    Bjorn Vlogs – the best BBQ I ever had was in Japan at my Cousins House , its called JINGGISUKAN – "Genghis Kahn" , its grilled Mutton meat – 2 year old Sheep. its Grilled with Onions and other Vegatables, and very thinly sliced.
    its cooked in a Round Sheild shaped grill.
    I even was able to Drink BEER with my Cousin at 13 yo. it was Legal back then.

  2. Mark Plott

    Bjorn Vlogs – the game house in Japan are Honest, they even show you how to WIN the game, but it still takes some skill.
    in America the games are Rigged to make money and the workers are NOT helpful.

  3. Mark Plott

    Bjorn's Vlogs – 80g that is like 2.82 oz , and the cheapest cut is $18.00 !!!!!!
    and the Ultimate is a SIR – LOIN at 100g = 8oz and $100.
    still, its KOBE beef , so its OK.

  4. Royal Sirico

    I just bought a 2017 BMW i3 Bev and need to get a residential charger. I'm considering juicebox, clippercreek, and chargepoint? What do you recommend and why? What would be best for future cars?
    Thanks so much!
    I love your videos!

  5. CoolSilver

    Did you make it to a Maid Café or was is a normal cake shop?
    Midi version of Journey… Japan has a great soundtrack
    Glad you found many things to do

  6. Karl Bartelt

    All the food is wonderful in Japan, I found it amazing that you can eat everything and not put on weight. You dont really see overweight people in Japan.

  7. Radu Nedisan

    Definitely try sukiyaki next time, it's a kind of hot pot. It's fun if you find some friends to join you, you must have some fans in Japan

  8. Dream TheDream89

    Are you planning to post other videos from your other travels in other countries? You mentioned that you have traveled elsewhere but i can only see videos from Japan. Have you thought of posting videos about different parts of Norway? A lot to explore there, have been there several times and its a very beautiful country. About the same size as Japan.

  9. John North

    You are tackling Japan like you do your road trips – full on with the minimum of rest and sleep ! Food looks great but steady on the meat. Enjoy your last couple of days and look forward to the next episode.

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