Japan Food Tour-Hidden Gems in Okinawa DAY 2 | Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

Japanese food in Okinawan Japan for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Plus we make stops for snacks along the way. Come and join me for a day of eating through Okinawa Japan. This is DAY 2 of my Okinawan Food Tour.

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20 Replies to “Japan Food Tour-Hidden Gems in Okinawa DAY 2 | Breakfast Lunch & Dinner”

  1. gerald erasmus

    Interesting to watch, would love to try some of those foods. Here by us we usually make pancakes(crepe as some would call it) with cinnamon mixed in with sugar. Sprinkle it over the open pancake and roll it just like the one in this video. One of the classics for my country

  2. Malou Carreras

    Thank you for this. I love all your videos in this channel…I also love your other channels.
    My only complaint in this one is your friend…he was kinda obnoxious, but this won’t stop me from watching all your future videos.

  3. still_here

    All i can see unfortunately is enormous amounts of plastic along with the food. Not appetising to think of all the non biodegradable plastic clogging our planet. Why do we live like this? Other than that i like the videos. But why does travelling mean just endless amts of plastic waste in todays world.

  4. benhines11

    My wife and I were planning to go on our honeymoon in Okinawa, then the pandemic hit. These videos have been a wonderful, vicarious enjoyment until we can finally go ourselves. Thank you!

  5. Khudeza Choudhry

    My first time watching this channel and I really enjoyed it. It's always been a life ambition of mine to travel to Japan. Everything looked 'oishi' see you guys are already teaching me the language as well! See you again soon.x

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