chill japanese songs that will make your trip chill – short playlist

♡ Spotify playlist :
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i recently started listening to these songs, they were perfect to vibe with whenever i wanted to just lie down and think about life~ aaa so wholesome and calm (*˘︶˘*) ♡

♡ some songs had been copyrighted, so they had to be cut off, but they will be available on spotify!

Songs on youtube :

Songs! ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧♫
01. ꒰00:00꒱Aisurutoki – Chara,Hikaru Arata -Aisurutoki
02. ꒰04:26꒱(wave motion)- SHE IS SUMMER-WAVE MOTION
03. ꒰06:43꒱Cherry Blossom-Rin音-Cherry Blossom
05. ꒰13:58꒱Fuji-Yokomeshi-Fuji
06. ꒰15:09꒱Kidding Me-haruno-Kidding Me
07. ꒰17:44꒱瀬戸際のマーマレード-Nao Kodama,Kan Sano
08. ꒰21:56꒱ アイノウ-Nao Kodama,Kan Sano-コーヒー・シェイク / アイノウ
09. ꒰25:00꒱SPARK-Nao Kodama-Revelation
10. ꒰30:50꒱とろける-Lucky Kilimanjaro-!magination
11. ꒰34:14꒱いい時間-EVISBEATS-ひとつになるとき
12. ꒰39:51꒱夢の続き-EVISBEATS,Dengaryu-ムスヒ
13. ꒰44:25꒱瀬戸際のマーマレード-Nao Kodama-Revelation

Photo of ? ♡

♡ i do not own any of the songs nor that i claim them to be mine. I also do not monetize from these videos, I simply make these purely for fun!

38 Replies to “chill japanese songs that will make your trip chill – short playlist”

  1. Rana Kan

    Feels like sitting on a fence
    on the side of the road on a
    sunny day, in a pretty dress.

  2. カダジKadaj

    あなたの編集と雰囲気を作るときにバイブと幸せにしてください私たちはつらい時に住んでいるそれは涙を流すために大丈夫です。 お疲れさまでした。

  3. Najwa Liyana Rasid

    Sitting while drinking my monster energy ultra and hoping my swab test result tomorrow is negative so i can go back home♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪

  4. ชายกลัวดอกพิกุล

    แม้แต่รูปภาพก็ถุฏความชิว~ สะกดไว้

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