33 Replies to “SHARK Cutting Skills & 4 Dishes From SHARK Meat :: Japanese Street Food || Seafood”

  1. rebecca kargbo

    They have dried sharks in Liberia. I have eaten them many times. However they can be very poignant. Good for making grilled steaks too. Nice to buy

  2. Dinosaur Lover

    Ugh I hate people who eat sharks and any form of ocean life. Do you yall not see the grave we our digging yourself? Do you not see the bleak future that lies ahead? This is like cutting down the rainforests for the short term. Yeah, you might like it but when it's all gone because you didnt help protection services what then? Just pls stop eating sea life

  3. Carl Reyes

    Fishermen say sharks have a distinctive smell…if you aint a good cook, you wont be able to eat its meat…it has a pungent after taste and smell

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