The Chicken and the Egg: Mastering Japan’s Original Comfort Food

Oyakodon, or chicken and eggs over rice, may be one of Japan’s simplest comfort foods, but done right, it can also be the most satisfying. Tokyo’s Tamahide restaurant has been setting the bar for oyakodon since 1891. Through eight generations of perfecting this gooey, savory dish, Tamahide keeps a strong tradition alive, and owner Konosuke Yamada intends to it pass on to his children. As customers willing to wait two hours for a bowl can tell you, here the chicken and the egg BOTH come first.

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47 Replies to “The Chicken and the Egg: Mastering Japan’s Original Comfort Food”

  1. Emgee78

    I made this in my own kitchen twice but I still have yet to achieve that perfect egg silkiness of oyakodon Ive had in restaurants and seen in vids like this.

  2. Yogie Yo

    i love that he says "tamahide's oyakodon" at the beginning. kinda hint-ing that it's not something only belong/entitled to tamahide region(city?). as all foods are, no one actually owns any specific kind of food (concept)

  3. RyanJay 707

    Just made this at home for the 1st time and it was delicious! I used chicken thigh instead of breast meat and used a Hawaiian teriyaki sauce with chicken broth instead of dashi, next time I’m going to double the amount of eggs so it can fully cover the rice and have that beautiful velvety texture like I’m this episode 👍😁

  4. XkageX

    So people who visits japan and have trouble speaking japanese I bet they will say "Can I have a Parent child chicken egg rice please?"

  5. rehan memon

    Please put a 2px black or grey stroke around white text if it's going to be placed on top of white objects in video. it makes it easier to read.

  6. Tuna sandwich

    Rice and eggs is also a popular comfort dish in Latin American countries. This dish looks tastier though because it has chunks of chicken meat in it.

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