LUXURY JAPANESE FOOD – Multi-course Kaiseki at Traditional Onsen Hotel in Hakone, Japan!

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Yoshiike Ryokan – I paid 77,760 Japanese Yen (at the time $708.16 USD) for 1 night for 2 adults, 1 baby and booked it here: (Not Sponsored, but this is an affiliate link)

One of the greatest things about Japanese culture is the idea of minimalism, relaxation, nature, and food. And for a long time now, I’ve really wanted to experience a Japanese ryokan, a traditional inn, that typically includes an onsen (hot spring bath) and meals which are served in your room.

My wife and I were in Tokyo, and on a last spur of the moment decision, I found a ryokan not too far from Tokyo, in the mountains in a place called Hakone. We took the train to Hakone and checked into our ryokan for 1 night.

It was a bit more expensive than I had anticipated, but as I kept on searching, some ryokans were filling up, and then Ying and I really wanted to have the private onsen so I could film and make a video (in the public onsen room, which would be cheaper – I couldn’t film of course!). So we splurged, for the experience, Japanese culture, and the food.

The room was amazing, private onsen, amazing garden view, and traditional Japanese food. In the evening, they brought out multi-course Japanese kaiseki dinner. It included all sorts of regional Japanese food and some of the fanciest food I’ve ever had. Some dishes were good, others a little plain for my liking – but I really appreciated the quality and simplicity.

Staying at a traditional Japanese ryokan and eating luxury Japanese food was really an amazing relaxing and Japanese cultural experience.

Yoshiike Ryokan
597 Yumoto, 箱根町 Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa-ken 250-0311, Japan

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32 Replies to “LUXURY JAPANESE FOOD – Multi-course Kaiseki at Traditional Onsen Hotel in Hakone, Japan!”

  1. Puppy Eyez a must for travel enthusiast's just too beautiful serene clean ..nature is wow..those purple flowers on plate so beautiful..

  2. 大川苗

    I like your videos. Just for a few info of our manners, we wash body or at least take a shower before stepping into the bath tub, especially in public bath, even most do at home though . It’s the local rule. And we won’t take a tea cup to the bath lol, but nice clip to enjoy watching n know about Hakone. Salty thing you said “ natto” looked like “ Shiokara”, a squid pickle.


    A real foodie gives his honest opinion on foods good or bad,and I know everything he eats doesn't taste good,looks at the camera while putting a spoonful of food in his mouth making sure people and the camera is on his face while eating


    He is a YouTuber that is to self absorbed into himself and cares about one thing and that's eating,and a food addiction cause everything he eats tastes good to him nothing tastes bad. He asks like a person with Willie prader syndrome

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