JAPAN TRIP #15 Travel VLOG #2

JAPAN TRIP #15 Travel VLOG #2 – Ok so that took way to long to put out part 2… sorry! I try coke coffee plus – i wonder what it tastes like?!


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23 Replies to “JAPAN TRIP #15 Travel VLOG #2”

  1. Hanabi Murakami

    Hi Anna! Hi Jesse! I was wondering if you can tell me the name of the place you go to to get all your beauty supplies in Tokyo. Love watching your vlogs:) -Hanabi

  2. Renee Culpan

    Hi Guys, Can you tell me the address of the hair supplier you went too ? Have been trying to find one for when I visit next month.

  3. So Cool Staff

    I was looking forward to finding the coke coffee when I get back to Tokyo and then it came out every where here in Australia and not just in cans , large bottles as well.

  4. Michelle Haeyoung Son

    So you did like the coffee flavoured coca cola! So curious now that you said you really liked it.

    The last footage of small alley restaurants with the music is pretty amazing. When I practiced street photography, I was taking way too slow with focusing on getting the right light, shutter speed and composition and someone got really uncomfortable and said something to me… that was really embarrassing haha. I always love seeing the footage of people on the street and I'm always drawn to that documentary//street photography style. Anyway, thanks for sharing your trip guys!

  5. Lila

    Jesse, I'm curious if You shoot street style photography while being in Japan? If so, how do people react? When You were passing by all these small restaurants with open fronts, i thought about how cool would it be to take some photos of chefs preparing food. I know its maybe a little bit overdone by many street photographers but do You feel like its acceptable there and people dont care if You do it or You have to be sneaky :)?

  6. Totally Drew

    I thought i was your #1 fan lol ( msybe in Tokyo?) the coffee coke plus is good! Had a few already. You are so right about Akiba too.
    Are you still in Japan ? If so…. when you guys leaving? A long shot, but would love to meet up for drinks while your here….i live by Tokyo Dome…so have easy access to anywhere. Love you guys! Thanks for posting this vlog.

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