JAPAN TRAVEL VLOG 2 | Kobe beef that was worth the wait, visiting Gion district and shrine in Kyoto

Our Japan travel vlog part 2!
We took a day trip to Kobe and Kyoto while staying at the same hotel in Osaka. If we woke up a bit earlier we could have enjoyed the city much more, but instead, we just walked around the town and ate some yummy food.

Kobe was such a peaceful town, the well known Kobe beef 🥩 that melts in your mouth was definitely worth the wait and worth the money!!

Kyoto was our highlight of the whole trip because of the beautiful culture, the clean streets, and the relaxed vibe. ⛩️ Shrines and temples are not boring like I used to think when I was a little kid, they are so Instagram-worthy and you get to experience the real Japan.

Please let me know if you’ve been to Kobe and Kyoto, and where you’ve been or where you would like to go when the border opens 😊

00:00 Kobe
00:39 [Food] Steakland Kobekan
01:47 Umeda
01:59 [Food] Highball Bar Umeda 1923
02:56 Kyoto
03:03 [Food] Daiki suisan sushi train
03:26 [Place] Nishiki market
03:51 [Place] Yasaka shrine
04:28 [Pleace] Kamo river

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2. Smooth Lounge Jazz cafe – R production
3. Japan Lofi – NikiNPhaser
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