WAGYU Beef EXTREME Steak (A5 Level!) in Japan + OLIVE Wagyu Udon + BEST UDON Tour of Kagawa, Japan!

Wagyu Beef steak EXTREME and Olive Wagyu Udon in Japan! Kagawa is home to Udon and Olive Sanuki Wagyu! Join us for an Udon tour of Kagawa with some Wagyu Beef!
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Japanese food is some of the best in the world. Today we’re teaming up with John from Only in Japan and going for a big UDON TOUR and WAGYU Beef Meal in Kagawa prefecture in Japan!

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In this video, we’re driving into Kagawa prefecture to the HOME of UDON and Olive Wagyu!

We’re visiting 4 special UDON and Wagyu Locations!

First, we’re driving to Miyagawa San’s UDON restaurant. She serves udon both hot and cold. The hot is served with a fish dashi and the cold is in a slightly sweet soy sauce. Both are delicious.

Shop Name: Miyagawa Seimensho
Address: 1-1-20 Nakamuracho, Zentsuji 765-0072, Kagawa Prefecture

Then, we’re driving to have OLIVE WAGYU BEEF udon! Here in Sanuki region, the beef is fed olives! The beef didn’t really have an olive flavour to it, but it was still really delicious!

Shop Name: Shio Gama Ya Wagyu Udon
Address:   86-2 Hama6bancho, Utazu, Ayauta District, Kagawa

After this, we’re going for A5 Wagyu Beef in Takamtasu! This is where we bring you into the kitchen to see how the wagyu is cut and to take a look at the marbling!

Here, we try all different cuts of the wagyu! The sirloin, tenderloin, short rib, cheeks, tongue, and more! The marbling and the fatty mouth feel was amazing!

Shop Name: Aburi Tei Takamatsu Branch
Address: 182-4 Chokushicho, Takamatsu, Kagawa 761-8058, Japan

And to finish up the day, we’re going for CURRY UDON Tempura! This was perhaps the best UDON I’ve ever eaten! And we got to see in the kitchen how the chefs cut the udon noodles and boil them too!

Shop Name: Tsurumaru
Address: 9-34 Furubabacho, Takamatsu, Kagawa

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    "you only need to put the meat in your mouth and it will melt like a butter"

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    12:12 I like the other guy's expression. He's chewing with amazement, resting his body like he forget everything else but the unexplainable delight in his mouth.


    Demasiado fingido su exceso de entusiasmo y de repente cae en la verga, ya me desuscribí, por mamón y ridículo

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