When Will Japan Be Opening For Tourism Again?

Is Japan open? When can you start applying for tourist visas again? When will the ban end? If you’re asking similar questions you’ve come to the right video! I dig into the latest news on the Japanese borders to let you know as up to date of information as possible! Today’s video is up-to-date as of February 10th 🙂


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34 Replies to “When Will Japan Be Opening For Tourism Again?”

  1. Simp

    Based on what you know, do you think it will fine by December? Planning a 3 week trip with my friends. And do we need to get tested 3 days before the flight? This is my first time leaving the US and I’m 19 so I have no idea lol.

  2. Brooke Spiker

    I’m sorry I’m so late!! But hey! Holy cow 400??? I’ve watched 400 videos?!!? Nicely done! Next goal is 1,000! Also, glad Marley is doing better! And I liked the news update I’d keep that going honestly

  3. BigWonka

    At this point, keeping tourists out is kinda bullshit. If a person has a negative test before entry, and another negative test upon arrival, then there is literally no difference between a tourist and a local. It's just another human. It's been almost a year and we all can't stay locked up forever. Also, I'm pissed that I booked my trip last May for this April because ticket prices tanks lol. I just cancelled my Airbnb, but I'm going to wait until the last possible moment to cancel my flight.

  4. Inter's Odyssey

    Wait a minute. I've been a subscriber for a few years now. Admittedly, I don't watch your numerous language resource videos because I'm not actively trying to learn the language. But still: how is this 400th video the first time I am hearing about you running an import/export business in Fukuoka? Every other J-vlog YT channel I'm subscribed to is about residence lifestyle. You sound like you are (uniquely?) positioned to give a perspective on commerce and all of the culture that goes with that. All of this is stuff I'd like to hear more about, if only for variety sake. Knowing YT, though, there is probably some stipulation about not being able to talk about commercial topics on an unaffiliated for-profit platform but I'll wave the optimism flag for now.

    << reads other comments …Oh, yay! I'm glad I'm not the only surprised person here.

  5. Bangkok Adventures

    Thanks for the update, and congrats on the video milestone. I hope we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I really miss traveling

  6. 天候狐


  7. Peter Mazur

    happy to see there is finally a place to get this info, my gf lives in japan and ive been trying to stay informed and hopeful during all this stuff. Thanks for your work! really appreciate it as always <3

  8. Maurice W

    I have seen videos of people moving to Japan during the pandemic. Visa holders like students and people moving for work but not tourists.

  9. DontEatMyPiexD

    yes!!! I've been trying to find updates on this and it's usually really vague. Looking forward to seeing what happens in March. Thank you!!

  10. Chad Zimmerman

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