Okachimachi, Tokyo’s Shopping Street Food Bargain Bin

This is Tokyo’s Bargain Bin Neighborhood! Okachimachi Station

00:00 Start
01:13 Cheapest Department Store in Tokyo
07:27 Walk to Okachimachi Station
11:10 Ameyoko Market
23:30 King of Chocolate (Shimura-san)
32:39 KitKat & Takoyaki (Eating)
44:44 Capsule Hotel / Sauna
48:50 Backstreets of Okachimachi
57:00 Back to Takeya

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31 Replies to “Okachimachi, Tokyo’s Shopping Street Food Bargain Bin”

  1. Jennifer Santos

    Oh, boy! I’d spend a lot of time there, if I were in Tokyo. I’ve never seen anything on this area. It’s always entertaining to watch you eat Takoyaki. Thanks for sharing the bargains!

  2. Jo Paul

    Thanks for sharing.. Miss exploring the streets of Tokyo💞 We always find ourselves back in Ameyoko area every visit.. Can't wait till we can travel again.. ♥️from MY

  3. Dennis Boller

    My hotel in Tokyo is always the same and it is in Yushima, close to Yushima Temmangu. Therefore I consider Okachimachi as my japanese neighborhood. Thanks for visiting. It is good to see a familiar area again.

  4. PeachesTO66

    It really felt like I was walking along with you. I fully enjoyed watching. Minus me stopping at every shop. 🤣 Thanks again John, Wishing you & Kanae all the best

  5. Shannon Breland

    Fun vid as always John but I'm curious… why no tattoos at the pod hotel? And what was the other "Not allowed?" couldn't make out what that picture was.

  6. Eugene Yeoh

    Sweet takoyaki. Ate there in Nov 2019. Thank you for recommending it many times. Will definitely eat it again when I get back to Ameyoko.

  7. Infernus Ifrit

    Tokyo is totally awesome. The overhead structure at ameyoko? Is that an overhead railway? Never mind u comment on it. I was late to the stream.

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