My first international flight in 2021 from Manila Philippines to Tokyo Japan. In this video I give you a thorough review of the entire process, what it’s like onboard the ANA airline and my thoughts, tricks and tips! Super surprised by the customer service, airline attendance and food quality on board the airline. I really hope to see the rest of japan soon. 🇯🇵

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Produced by: Martin Solhaugen
Filmed by: Martin Solhaugen
Edited by: Martin Solhaugen

#Philippines #Japan #Flyingin2021

35 Replies to “FLYING TO JAPAN IN 2021?! THIS felt like BUSINESS CLASS!”

  1. Martin Solhaugen

    So excited to go to Japan! 🇯🇵 Always been my dream to see more of that culture. Let me know what you think of the vlog guys 😃

  2. Gloria May

    Javeline airlines are pretty good..i been in Japan okinawa and flying from us to stop over to Japan going philippines…i love Japanese food of course..very quality and korean food awesome. We're station in Japan before that's why….

  3. florabel floralde

    Enjoy your travel Martin so happy to see yah and Ave exploring around the world..Keep Safe more exciting Travel vlogs 🥳

  4. Azaleah

    Looking forward to your Mexico vlogs. Both of your vlogs (old and new) are kinda my go to before bedtime. I had a great time binge-watching your vlogs. 🤓Keep safe always guys 🙏🌝

  5. Karel O

    I've been wanting to try ANA airlines. I heard so many positive feedback about them. Looking forward for your Mexico vlog updates! Stay safe guys 😘

  6. Jake #GoGatah

    If you fall asleep on ANA, JAL, KAL and they serve a meal, they'll put a note in front of you that they can serve you when you wake up — in ECONOMY! Great service.

  7. Mrs Lsbc

    I’ve flew with ANA and liked them very clean and the food was good and the snack treats…and the restrooms are clean and fresh that’s one thing very important for me 👍

  8. felicia mabrey

    Be very careful in Mexico the CDC list it as level 4 for Covid-19 cases they say to avoid all travel to Mexico . 4 is the worst that there is .

  9. Major Pecbot

    Have fun in Mexico Martin Mexico also you need an exit Visa l I think even Costa Rica and Guatemala but yeah Mexico you need to exe Visa too.

  10. Live Life Oki

    Welcome to Japan, love flying All Nippon Airways..maybe your next flight with ANA wil be on the Bussiness class😅, Safe Travel

  11. lorena sadamatsu

    japan is a beautiful country.. i lived here for 11yrs now..! married to a japanese are yummy amd people are very respectful..! by the way my hometown is surigao city (philippines)😊

  12. James Bean

    Hello Martin. This video has been very helpful since I wasn’t sure if there are existing connecting flights by ANA. Apparently there is thanks to your video. I’ve been to Japan a number of times and tried JAL and ANA. With ANA I tried both business class and economy. And both were such a great experience that I’ve always taken ANA. Compared to other airlines I’ve tried I can definitely say that ANA is the best for me. The lavatory washlet you experienced is common in almost all toilets in Japan. And only ANA has that. It’s called a bidet in most other countries. You said you haven’t been to Japan. Well when they are open to foreigners again I strongly recommend you visit Japan. That’s why I kept going back. The 2 weeks each stay I go there is not enough. There is so much to see and experience in Japan. It’s a beautiful country with beautiful people and a beautiful culture. Thanks to your video I now know I can take ANA from Manila to Tokyo then to Vancouver. Stay safe and you and your girlfriend have a great time in Mexico!

  13. Myra Kyle

    you should ask Mike and Nelley when they left the country going to Japan and Korea. They have to leave the Philippines ans re-enter again in the Hpilipppines they have that blog.

  14. Marilyn Mohler

    It brings back memories watching your vlog. The same airline we flew back in March 2020 from the Philippines to Haneda airport. I can just fly into the airport in and use their bathroom. Lol

  15. Lolita Richard

    Thank you Martin you shared the Exit Visa for 6 months stay if is not a Pilipino citizen . I learned a lot to you need all the paper is complete for traveling. keep safe both of u Ave. God bless.

  16. Ingar Tødenes

    OMG you made me miss flying. I am from a Viking country, but still consider Philippines my home. After 5 years in the Philippines, I have picked up experience. It's true about the exit visa, Philippines do have a lot of special rules, but luckily I have a permanent residency visa. That means I have to pay a entry fee (once a year) and exit fee (every time I leave). If I stay for 3 months it pays off based on the visa renewals. And yeah, if you do not have you do not have some kind of permanent residency in the Philippines, you have to leave the country before 12 months. But you could just book a round tour ticket to the nearest country and return.

  17. Nedskie channel

    Japan is nice and clean ag by the way are you separated to fling with your fiancé? I’m just wonderingly always be safe.

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