Memories Off – Memories of Pinky Promise Playthrough Part 18 Learn Japanese Language with Games

All right guys, sorry for taking so long, but yeah here we’re, the 18th part of Yubikiri adventure! Previously, Naoki and Chinatsu were nervous on their first day of working at Furyuuan. Shin was so happy with the fact both of them shown up for work. Naoki met the most terrifying staff in there, Kyouko. Chinatsu then shown up with her wearing the Furyuuan uniform, which really surprises Naoki.

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3 Replies to “Memories Off – Memories of Pinky Promise Playthrough Part 18 Learn Japanese Language with Games”

  1. Shinn Game 08

    Alright guys, "side dishes" time. What is "Side dishes"? Basically it's my other 8 games waiting in queue for playthrough to continue. I’ve decided to downgrade Root Letter into side dish for now. Also, I've decided not to renew my subscription for PS Plus so Sherlock Holmes will be postponed until I managed to buy the game. So there are only 7 games instead of 8 that are available for side dishes for now.

    Here are the 7 games on the list,

    1- Danganronpa V3

    2- Biohazard Revelations 2

    3- Corpse Party

    4 – Root Letter

    5- Detroit Become Human

    6- Yugioh

    7 –Zero Escape Virtue’s Last Reward

    So it will be decided by "dice of fate". I roll a dice, the game we should be playing will be decided by the number of the game on the list against the number the dice shown. Should I hit 1-3, I’ll role a dice 1 more time and we’ll be playing what the number of the dice shown from 1-6, [for example, should I hit 3, and then 1, we’ll be playing Dangan Ronpa]. Should I hit 4-6, I’ll roll a dice again. Should I hit 1, we’ll be playing Zero Escape Virtue’s Last Reward. But if I get 2-6, we’ll have to repeat the process again [of the first dice roll]. Side dishes cannot be played in succession, [For example, we played Yugioh in previous side dishes game. And then, we got Yugioh again this time around. So we’ll have to repeat the dice roll again]

    So the result was, 3, 2, so it’s going to be Biohazard Revelations 2!

  2. Shinn Game 08

    Tooru is such a good guy eh. But it's going to be hard if Naoki wanted to marrying Chinatsu, since Tooru seems to like Chinatsu.
    Sorry about the ants moving around while recording. I promise you guys it won't happen again. Thank you for being patient with me guys 😉

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