Eating at Vending Machines for 3 DAYS, Japan – Eric Meal Time #537

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In today’s Eric Meal Time video, I travel around Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture in search of NEW food & drink items from a wide variety of Vending Machines for three days. Question: Is it possible to EAT from Vending Machines in Japan for three days? And the answer is clearly YES! You just have to be willing to travel around on the trains or by car and spend time hunting them down.
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0:00 Cold Open (Too lazy for Intro)
0:15 Slow Bar Energy Stick Thingy $1.20
1:09 Hot Shrimp Soup $1.25
2:38 Hot Clam Miso Soup $1
4:43 Retro Milk Vending Machine $1ea
(Strawberry & Coffee Milk)
7:04 Drinking Bottled Milk w/my son
8:12 Eating Slow Bar Energy Bar
9:10 Chocolate Bar Danish Pastry $1.30
10:39 Every Burger (BEST SNACK EVER) $1.70
13:16 Discount Train Tickets Vending Machine (5-20% off)
13:56 Beer & Cocktails – Asahi Super Dry (500ml) $4.50
14:43 Nuts & Spicy Rice Crackers $3.50
14:49 Seventeen Ice Cream Machine $2
16:25 Retro Strange Playing Cards Machine $5
17:23 Eating & Drinking at Odawara Castle
20:45 Caramel & Fragrant Almonds Ice Cream $2
22:11 Mini Figures Vending Machine $4
24:40 Family Mart Vending Machine
(Donut $1 & Pringles Cheese Potato Chips $1.30)
25:55 Train Station Platform Vending Machine
(Apple Pie $1.70 & Chocolate Truffles $1.50)
31:02 Anime Character Hot Coffee $1.10
33:38 Tokyo Warehouse Vending Machines
(Fried Donut $1.10 & Egg Salad Sandwich $1.30)
36:10 Coffee Machine W/Miso Soup $0.70
39:14 Retro Gum Vending Machine
(Out of Order)
40:05 Sweet Red Bean Soup $1
42:33 Highway Parking Area Machines
43:04 Hot Foods Vending Machine by Nichirei
(Fried Chicken $3.70 & Hot Dogs $3.70)
44:16 Fresh Coffee Machine & EATING
(Sweetened Matcha Latte $2)
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25 Replies to “Eating at Vending Machines for 3 DAYS, Japan – Eric Meal Time #537”

  1. John Johnson

    I don't understand why it's so interesting to watch this man eat stuff, but I just end up watching the whole thing.. vending machine repair man here!! Smile!

  2. Patty Nielsen

    coffee and cocoa are hot from a vending machine, so I wasn''t dazzled. 1920s – 1950s, the U.S. had fully automated vending luncheonettes

  3. Ryan K

    Wouldn’t mind seeing some vending machines with strange items next to food, or idk some unique machines that have something different about them, animation or moving parts something crazy. Loved the video.

  4. omnitographer

    I fell down that slippery slope years ago and have been working to climb back up the hill, it's a real struggle but so worth it! Listen to the man when he says to watch what you intake!!

  5. Laura Gazi

    Its always nice to see your son joining in with you 😄 on the other hand.. that 'unique' vending machine made me chuckle 😂😂 Go find some more Eric, we all have faith in you 😋

  6. Techsticle

    Entertaining! Watched with my elderly parents… they loved watching you enjoy some weird, some amazing things coming out of Japanese vending machines! Thanks for the content, Eric!

  7. dawg Nation

    Fun video as always. Thanks and I look forward to your next convenience store haul. Haven't had a d i y chicken sandwich in a while.

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