EVERYTHING You Need to Know about KANTO TOUR in Pokémon GO!

The Pokémon GO Kanto Tour event is tomorrow! Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about the event, including how to get regional Pokémon like Kangaskhan and Farfetch’d!

I’ll be live on twitch for the second half of the event!

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33 Replies to “EVERYTHING You Need to Know about KANTO TOUR in Pokémon GO!”

  1. Paul Skoog

    there were a few times randomly through out the day when we could not click on pokemon during the event. I saw on Proplently video that Niantic is plaining a makeup day.

  2. Paul Skoog

    This was vary helpful Nick. Thank you.had a great day yesterday and look forward to playing all week. Im working toward lvl 44 and my wife has picked it back up again and is half way through lvl 39.

  3. Mangalex28

    Niantic failed again: the kanto raid medal is achievable over the whole week BUT the regionals were available only during the Kanto day. So now, I can't get my medal because I didn't raid M. Mime because Niantic removed regionals from the raid pool for some reason.
    Thank you again Niantic!
    That plus having to spend like 1h to fight trainers at pokestops… and having the battle prompts everytime you spin a stop…. horrible.

  4. Poké WishMaker

    Honestly what was the point of hyping everyone up for it if the thing with incenses only lasted one day and yet they’re keeping the collection challenges

  5. ChieftanGames

    Hi So my Pokémon go name is CHFTNGames if you want to add me because if I have zero cookies that I want to divide between zero Pokémon go friends I have no friends so pls add me.

  6. Brian

    I caught a mewtwo, moltres, 3 snorlax, 5 Aerodactyls, mr mine, kangasKhan, 4 lapres, shinny Rhydon, garados, and countless others, great day overall!

  7. Peter Plumley

    God awful stupid event, good if you choke out 16.99 for a ticket, but if you dont buy a ticket, then NO SHINEYS and garbage and all that stupid rocket crap, keep the rocket crap out of the game, not paying 16.99 for this crap. I know others who say the same. They ever hear of covid? means lockdown, you cant go outside… silly Nin people! Ok too if you drive in a rural town, yeah sure -20 outside. NOT impressed with this game anymore.

  8. BlackValkyrie7

    I don't believe it was a bug. I suspect shiny mew and ditto events were intended to be free for all. It's a great event to sustain players in the long term, so it made no sense for Niantic to waste this opportunity to let only the few plays it. The overpriced ticket we bought was intended to be for something else that's not as attractive as shiny mew. Something that we wouldn't spend money on if it weren't for shiny mew. They resorted using shiny mew as a bait for you to buy the ticket for another unrelated event hahaha. You guys were scammed. xD

  9. Ryan James

    It was very much a disappointment. Not a lot of shinies, hard to accomplish some of it when you're not able to go out. Pretty much a rip off.

  10. Lee Starr

    Did 4 mewtwo raids today and landed myself a weather boosted hundo! Lots of shinies too. Only need articuno and moltres for kanto collection. I for one enjoyed the event.

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