The Sushi Heaven is in Shimonoseki |MUST-SEE Japan travel guide

Come travel Japan with us! We went to Shimonoseki in the Yamaguchi prefecture and had an unforgettable experience. Come travel Japan together with us today! We will feature some must-do things in Japan so be sure to watch the whole video and put these spots on your bucket list when you come to Japan

This blowfish video is interesting too!

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The best fish market where you can eat lots of sushi!
Karato Martket

The biggest pufferfish statue
Kameyama Hachimangu shrine

The only one guesthouse in Shimonoseki!
Uzu House

Why don’t you have a walk?
Kanmon Tunnel Footpath

The best view in Shimonoseki!
Kaikyo Yume Tower

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Disclaimer: This video was taken before the State of Emergency and with the hopes in our hearts that we can soon all travel freely again. CathyCat was occasionally requested by her company to wear a face shield, which is common on Japanese Tv for certain shots of the video. We practiced precautionary methods to keep everyone safe.

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37 Replies to “The Sushi Heaven is in Shimonoseki |MUST-SEE Japan travel guide”

  1. 時岡さなえ

    Karato Fish Market is the best place to visit in Japan! Bakan Market takes place in the Karato Market only on Saturday, Sunday and national holiday.
    You could walk over to Kyushu via underwater foot path, but you could also enjoy the ferry ride, 400 yen from Karato to Moji on the Kyushu side. It's exciting and it's a wonderful view.
    Moji has also many enjoyable places to visit. 焼きカレー among other things is their renowned local cuisine.

  2. mad hatter

    No offense but Cathy cats face mask makes me feel uncomfortable. I really enjoy your ask japanese videos and don't want to tell you what to do but the next time you might could wear another just in order to make no one feel uncomfortable. Anyways I really like your videos you guys are amazing.

    Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪 (/^▽^)/

  3. Kelpo Johny

    Your all video and Japanese skills are amazing, i love you and your channel❤ it deserves a waay more followers and views☝️👍

  4. Jasmina Knuff

    It was so much fun to watch !! Thank you for sharing such a cool trip with all of us. Especially during this difficult time were the most of us isn’t allowed to travel. I truly appreciate it 😇❤️

  5. 横田達也


  6. 横田達也


  7. PsychoGemini

    I need to get back to Shimonoseki one day. It was the first Japanese city I ever visited. On my second trip there I had fugu and whale. I'd pick fugu if I had to choose. It tasted just like bland fish whereas whale tasted like cold grease to me.

  8. Robert Sadler

    Awww!Moonie Cathy Cat is so at home at that fish market Certainly a Cat thing!NYA,NYA I think the fried poisonous has turned you into more of adorable fruit case!:) the Market looks amazing and the smell of fresh fish must be heaven for cats but anyone who loves there fish and the food look lovely Moonie Cathy cat ,yep you got balls girl!what a wonderful Aquarium and a Beautiful shrine the Guest house WOW!Amazing city!Moonie Cathy Cat again you and your fashion looked absolutely wonderful too!Loved the little tour wonderful place to visit!NYA,NYA!

  9. utterlybrilliant

    This was such a good video. That fish market looks amazing. I was drooling at that sushi! I would like to go this market to try Fugu actually and also do that tunnel walk to Kyushu, the aquarium also.The last excellent fish market I was at was in Kanazawa, and I find Tsukiji in Tokyo a bit lacking in atmosphere. I have a month long trip to Japan whenever tourists are allowed back in, so I'll try make it to Shimonoseki for a day! ✌

  10. KingRat355

    Japan has cheaper prices, more volume, higher quality, actually cater to cleanliness, customer is god etc… yet the outside world points to a melon stating Japan as expensive. I see now that we are getting ripped off in the west.

  11. Andrew Lopez

    That fried pufferfish did look good when I though it was a shrimp. Not sure if I'd ever want to try it but judging from tour reaction I just might someday

  12. Jeffreak

    thank you so much for this high quality content. missing the subs this time, cause my nihongo s*ks but absolutly enjoyeble . vielen dank. :-

  13. Humanoid Nfin8

    Yay!, another new video. I've binge watched so many of them lately, and it was nice to see these two latest videos about Shimonoseki. I should be studying my Japanese lessons, but this is a lovely reprieve.

  14. Toby Beasley

    – – wow…… does she not KNOW about how you are SUPPOSE to wear your mask ?!! – – you are to wear the mask very TIGHT fitting around your face !! – – that is the MAIN THING to do that will be effective !! – – even men's BEARD face hair can make a mask less effective !!….and what does she have ?!! – > a mask that is totally OPEN on top !!!!!! – – wow…. how does she not know this !??!! – – all her germs and breath mist is going up and around the mask….THAT mask does NOTHING !! – does nothing but give her EVERY chance of getting the virus and gives everyone else that chance risk also !! – – wow….and she talks to A LOT of people !! – THAT is her job ! – – so…..if anyone should wear a safe effective mask….it's HER !! !! ! > ….and NOW they say that wearing 2 masks together (double masks) – is even better (common sense) – is better to do now because of the new mutation which spreads a LOT more easier !! – – you can catch the virus more easier now so…..2 masks is a good idea – -…..but NOT one that is open on the sides !!……wow – – to most people that is a No Brainer – –

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