What YOU Should Know About Working in Japan! (Featuring Career Diversity. Inc)

In this video, we have a remote interview with Career Diversity, Inc., a recruitment agency exclusive for foreigners (including Muslims!) based in Tokyo. He explains what we need to do and prepare to chases a dream to work in Japan, including the importance of understanding Japanese working culture, language, and self-analysis or “jiko bunseki”.

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※(The article was written by Kaiji Wada)
5 Things Muslims Need to Know When Working in Japan

※Career Diversity, Inc., a recruitment company for foreign talent

※REAL JOB TALK; How does it like to work in Japan?

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※Halal and Muslim-Friendly Information in Japan

※Muslim Friendly Information in Japan (a Facebook group)

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  1. ODINS guide

    Yes, the challanges of foreigners are always from the languages, and the culture shocks. And now days, i found there are many obstacle when the pandemic rages. So it must be tought and consider super serious to planning further the future in means to working oveeseas. But to think that the oppurtunities to raise my skill in this time mighy be the wise chooise to deal the situation until the condition get stable and change show up. I will wait for that

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