Cooking Japanese Food Was Almost A Disaster…

Cooking Japanese Food on stream turned out to be much harder than we had hoped

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42 Replies to “Cooking Japanese Food Was Almost A Disaster…”

  1. Yoonie Paroma

    Your argument about how to cook the pork is making my cry so hard bcs my grandma would whoop my ass if I didn't know how to cook and prepare the meat properly and I'm barely 17😭😂

  2. Sarcastic Guy

    Stephen looks like an animator who draws at night for 24 straight and had a hangover at the same time but stephen is so cute.

  3. Night Blade

    tbh i think 1 of the best thing bout dis vid is the chat screaming at them the RIGHT ADVICE but they choose 2 ignore it XD

  4. Night Blade

    can somebody explain whos stephen & whos gavin XD when they refer 2 themselves in third person or first person i get so confused XD

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