SNIPPET OF MY 2019 JAPAN TRIP when it was still COVID-19 free

Kumusta and Håfa Ådai!! Welcome back to my channel and if you are new here, welcome to my channel. This video is a snippet of my 2019 Japan trip when the world was still Covid-19 free. I remember impulsively booking this trip because I just had a random thought of how fun it would be to do some soul searching and healing. Please excuse my choice of music. My choices were limited lol. Sending you all gratitude for being here with me today and for everyone’s continuous support. I’m still not sure with what I want to base my channel on. I used to do makeup videos and lately I decided to create ASMR. I am thinking of doing makeup again, vlogs, mukbangs, and much more! I don’t think I’ll be creating separate channels because I think it would be much more easier for me to manage it within one channel. I’ll be using this channel as my personal time capsule of my life and just being me sharing a little snippet of what goes on in my life. Please continue to stay safe and healthy! Be kind always 🌸 Maraming Salamat Po, Si Yu’os Ma’åse’, and Thank You ٩( ᐛ )و



Music: Young Me Dreaming
Musician: Carl Storm

Music: You Were Mine
Musician: Carl Storm

Music: Breathe slow
Musician: Rook1e

Music: Aime
Musician: Rook1e

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