White guy SHOCKS Japanese people with PERFECT Japanese! 完璧な日本語で話す白人に日本人が愕然! | Dōgen

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Dogen / Japanese / white guy SHOCKS Japanese people with PERFECT Japanese / white guy surprises Japanese people with FLUENT Japanese / white guy AMAZES Japanese people with NATIVE Japanese / 完璧すぎる日本語で話す白人に日本人が愕然!/ 完璧な日本語を使う外国人に日本人が超びっくり!/ 流暢すぎる日本語で話す白人に日本人がめっちゃ驚く!


27 Replies to “White guy SHOCKS Japanese people with PERFECT Japanese! 完璧な日本語で話す白人に日本人が愕然! | Dōgen”

  1. Dogen

    After posting this video, it came to my attention that @Laoshu505000, the YouTuber who pioneered this genre in a tasteful way, recently passed away. I wasn’t aware of Laoshu before posting this, but many people seem to love his content, and that Laoshu himself was a very kind and genuine individual. I deeply apologize for the poor timing, and give my condolences to his family and friends. Respect and Rest in Peace to fellow language learner and YouTube pioneer, Moses McCormick, AKA Laoshu.

  2. 林笑里

    Omg I died laughing. Yes!! I haaaate when people post this kind of stuff like “look at me I’m white and I speak a foreign language I’m so special.”

  3. Brian H.

    In my years in Japan, I never had a shopkeeper speak to me in English. It would have been surprising.
    Typically, they looked at me apprehensively, until I asked something… 「これ、違う色のもありますか」 (do you have this in a different color?)
    Then came the inevitable, 「ああ、日本語お上手ですね。。」 🤦‍♂️

  4. MagikGimp

    Was going to echo the sentiments for Laoshu before reading your own comment anyway so RIP to him and condolences to his family.

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