#008 Walking around Sumida-ku Tokyo 🇯🇵Japan.Winter February, 2021【Japan Travel Channel】

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This video walked around Sumida Ward. Start from Tokyo Sky Tree. Jukkenhashi, go through Asakusa-dori to Oshiage Tenso Shrine, Sumida Park, Ushijima Shrine, and Mimeguri Shrine. Moved to Ryogoku Station and became Edo-Tokyo Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Yokoamicho Park, Former Yasuda Garden, Sumida River, Ryogoku Kokugikan, and Ekoin. Please enjoy your wonderful trip. (今回の動画は、墨田区を歩きました。東京スカイツリーからスタート。十間橋、浅草通りを通り、押上天祖神社、隅田公園、牛嶋神社、三囲神社へ。両国駅に移動し、江戸東京博物館、東京都立横網町公園、旧安田庭園、隅田川、両国国技館、回向院となっています。是非、素敵な旅をお楽しみください。)

00:00 Intro
00:29 Tokyo Sky Tree
04:00 Jukkenhashi
04:31 Asakusa-Dori Ave
05:44 Oshiage Tenso Shrine
06:37 Honjo-Azumabasi Sta
07:11 Genmoribashi
08:21 Sumida Park
09:26 Ushijima shrine
11:10 Mimeguri Shrine
13:38 Ryogoku Station
13:49 Edo Tokyo Museum
14:16 Tokyo Metropolitan Yokoamicho Park
15:50 Former Yasuda Garden
16:30 Sumida River
20:20 The Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena
21:24 Ryogoku Station
22:15 Kokugikan-Dori
23:30 Ekoin
25:15 Honjo Matsuzakacho Park

Japan Travel Channel will guide people all over the world, such as those who want to travel to Japan and those who are interested in Japan, to tourist destinations, historic buildings, hotels, etc. in various parts of Japan.Japan has four wonderful seasons that the world can be proud of.I hope you can feel the seasonal cityscape on this channel.
Let’s enjoy a wonderful trip. (Japan Travel Channelは、日本旅行したい人や日本に興味がある人など、世界中の人々に日本の各地の観光地、歴史的建造物、ホテルなどを案内致します。日本には世界に誇れる素敵な四季があります。季節毎の街並みを、このチャンネルで感じていただけたらと思います。それでは、素晴らしい旅行をお楽しみください。)

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