These are just theories but I hope you enjoyed it! Leave your theories down below in the comment section. Thank you for watching!

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43 Replies to “BTS (방탄소년단) 'Film Out' EXPLAINED/THEORY”

  1. hibah 92

    Wait. Bare with me as i cant openly explain what i mean but hear me out. Im having a hard time understanding "parallel universes" "timelines" and "time loops" while i do get one can make multiple alternate "time lines" . Time Loops and time lines are different . In seok jin case his " TIMELOOP "restarts so then the "other universe donot exist. If they did , there would be more than one seokjin in those universe and judging by the stories ive read. Two of the same people cannot conexist in one single time line/universe. Therefore i feel when jins TIME LOOP restarts. The members' timeloops restarts too as if the past never happened but other than tae they dont feel it. (Like a clean slate) those doors might represent how many times he has to restart his timeloop.
    I agree jks room is the future. And jins side looking is the past. But not another universe or a timeline. But a past "timeloop"
    I hope this makes sense.

  2. Chia Ann

    Is it just me or this mv subtly talks about Jin going to the military…like the scene with jin in the front and all the other members standing behind him and jin being in a separate space etc?

  3. its mitchie's zone

    WHAT IF THAT CAT WAS BANG PD? "I also want to be part of this storyline. But make me cute"😱 I love my brain😌

  4. Sheoshanker Prasad

    From what I understand the blue scene it's just my opinion the scene where all of them are standing and jin is infront of them maybe Jin wanted it jin wanted to tell the members about time travel then he would save them all and the scene represents them standing there United which was a dream Jin wanted to accomplish the blue light I am not sure what it was.

  5. Binila lineesh

    Oroonnn inngane irangum ororo kuttavum kond ennthokke aayaalum njangal vitt thatoollaaaaa .. Thenga pinnakkk…..
    any mallu army

  6. ThePenquinX

    The mirrors are another form of portal. A flipped version of reality.
    Which I assume is why SUGA & J-Hope's poses are synched like reflections. Same as RM & JK in Fake Love, for example.
    7 inner pieces to a whole.

    All that goes without saying, but it felt worth noting for the newbies.

  7. Skelly Leigh

    Remember Spring Day with the building named Omelas? The ones who walk away from Omelas is a story by Ursula Le Guin. In the story, there is a perfect society, a utopia. However this utopia can only exist as long as they keep one child suffering and locked up. What if the boys can only be saved and happy at the expense of Jungkook. He is kept in the dark and isolated. This is what the cat meant by saying living will just be pain.

  8. Ammu Minnu

    I don't know why but I felt that the yellow light entering into jin's room which is in the chaos have something to do with the background of v and jimin

    And the door closed behind v is bcas he can't time travel and jin can time travel that is why his room's door is opened

    Idk whether I am right

  9. 9304 Bhavisha Kewalramani

    I really want them to tell the meaning of this I would really love to know everything !!! They should do interviews and make documentaries lol

  10. Ayuni aot

    Idk why but this universe scared me in many way, and I've never been scared so much but idk why.. maybe it just how they messes with time? It touches something we shouldn't.

  11. айше сан

    I am not at all on theories and just listen to their music, but I found this video. to be honest, the scene where seokjin stands in front of the others, it reminded me that he is the first to go to the army and pretty soon. sorry for my english, bye. :D.

  12. Hye zin

    jimin and v in yellow back ground..j-hope and suga rap part and the whole group standing in the blue background. They were all standing in the same white square.

  13. Imaan Saeed

    Honestly the yoongi and hobi scene with the door reminded me of your name which was also where the 2 characters were separated in different worlds

  14. Koezen Sarmiento

    But….. what if everything is just a dream? He just escape from a painful reality then creates another reality(or his imagination) where boys are happy… but since it was only an imagination… they disappear?

    Dream can connects Past, Present and Future? Since everytime SeokJin travel back time he always wake up…..

    Maybe the reason why SeokJin is infront of them cause he keeps it a secret from everyone and the cat told him he can't solve it alone?

    Don't mind me at all hahahaha I'm thinking nonsense…
    I don't know anymore~

  15. pragya singh

    its my science exam tomorrow but instead of studying im here using my every single brain cell to understand the bts MV and FILM LINE theory……….AND NOW I HAVE USED ALL MY BRAIN I MEAN I HAVE USED MY EVERY BRAIN CELL there is nt even 000000.01 precent left in my brain

  16. datz mymemz

    my theory (even thought i haven't even watched) all of this is their retirement soon and how they miss those memories in the past when they were together or something i guess

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