Japanese Reacts to "Japanese Food Fest in Bangladesh?"- Rafsan TheChotobhai

Japanese Reacts to “Japanese Food Fest in Bangladesh?”- Rafsan TheChotobhai

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43 Replies to “Japanese Reacts to "Japanese Food Fest in Bangladesh?"- Rafsan TheChotobhai”

  1. Mohammad Maruful Islam

    Yeh bro, we all know that it’s not authentic japanese food, It's been customized. Btw always love for Japan from Bangladesh 🖤

  2. Danica Caña

    Can you do a video like "annoying my younger brother for an hour" hahahahahaha I'm curious if Kohei will be really annoyed like FOR REAL!😂😂

  3. Bappy Kamruzzaman

    You guys are one of the most civilized nation in the world. Once Japanese emperor Hirohito said, As long as there will be in Japan, Bengali food shortage and the financial problem will be overseen. Japan will be a selfless friend forever to Bangladesh.
    Today japan is a major development partner for bangladesh. 
    Japan and Bangladesh have maintained friendly relations since 1972, through economic and technical cooperation and cultural exchanges. thank you so much!

  4. A Kun

    Someone tell chotobhai that he didn’t eat japanese food.
    And bruh, we use hand to eat food in Bangladesh. We don't eat pork for religious reasons.

  5. Rainedrop

    Now I want to taste Japanese food… someday I'll try it btw that man eat's funny haha Idk if he really likes the taste of the food haha

  6. Asif tomal

    Thanks guys reacted to Bangladeshi 🇧🇩 video. Hopefully one day you are guys try Bangla food and one thing Bangladesh is a Muslim country that's why we avoid pork and our country people use to with chicken and beef😊.

  7. Haana Y

    Hey nice reaction! Yes the reason they changed the pork to chicken is because of religious reasons. Bangladesh is a majority Islamic country so no pork only halal foods are allowed. Plus your right it is not authentic Japanese food but because most Bengalis are not exposed to it, we don’t know any better.

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