Quick Basic Japanese for Caregiver | "Toilet Needs" in Japanese-English | Vocabulary (Plus)

0:00 Intro
0:20 Tips for learning
0:28 Lesson learning time
1:03 Review Time !!

In this video, you will learn the new words relate to “Toilet needs” in Japanese for the caregiver in Japan. English – Japanese

The video starts with an overview and tips for learning that might help you learn new Japanese words faster and you will surprise by the result.

Then it’s time to start the lesson. Once Kanji shows up with reading pronunciation 3 times then follows by Chinese-English translation. For more efficiency, please try to use the tips of learning as much as you can.

The last part of the video is “Review Time”. You will have 3 seconds each for word reading pronunciation and translation. I encourage you to practice this part too this would be helpful for your learning and for you to check how much you remember the words.

Thanks for watching.


Special thanks to “The Japan Association of Certified Care Workers” give me permission to use the books for sharing content.

You can download your own language book from this link. It is at almost the bottom of the page.

I wish my videos will helpful for you as being a caregiver in Japan. To get a notification for my new video update please subscript and push the bell buttons.

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