Japanese FamilyMart Lunch Swap – with Akidearest

Join us for another round of Japanese Convenience Store lunch swaps! This time we headed to Family Mart where Emma and Aki bought a bunch of Japanese snacks, food and desserts to eat.

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Our previous 7/11 Lunch Swap video with Abroad In Japan

Aki has made her very own tour of Tokyo’s Electric Town, Akihabara. Check it out on the Magical Trip website below:


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42 Replies to “Japanese FamilyMart Lunch Swap – with Akidearest”

  1. Tokyo Creative

    Which Japanese conbini is your favourite? Which item from this lunch swap do you want to try the most? Let us know down below!

  2. woof bark

    Aki is way too spastic with her hands, almost smacking emma and slamming the table, the mic picks up the slamming. WTF stop slamming the god damn fvcking table!!

  3. Andrew N

    My favorite conbini hack is 7-11 egg salad sandwich and karaage on a stick.  Put 2 karaage inside each sandwich half.

  4. Fablion Last name

    These guys are like the only people i’ve seen that edit out the mouth noises. Thank you so much for helping me not want to rip my ears off

  5. MatchaTanaka2698

    When I was studying abroad in Japan, my favorite convenient store is for sure 7-Eleven <3 I also did a project for my Japanese class while there on which convenience store college students preferred and a majority liked 7-Eleven, followed by Family Mart (because of Famichiki!) 🙂

  6. Astro Wolvez

    I had the peach kit kat in a japan snack box and it punches you with a strange sour tart flavor, but then gets softer and is really nice.

  7. kiki coco

    me while living in germany and never had real mashed potatos just dried powder mashed potatos…. yeah that´s my childhood nothing know for me but it´s good soooo never mist the real deal but also never had it till know

  8. Almightyrastus

    I really need to try more of the hot combini food next time I am over there. On our last trip we would typically have a proper good breakfast at the hotel, a bowl of ramen or similar for lunch and then combini snacks or smaller noms for dinner (my wife was normally at the point of not being able to walk much by then), and we would normally stick to the cold stuff (7-eleven strawberry and cream sandwiches………………………………………………), but I think I shall definitely be on the chicken and other hot stuff next time.

  9. aohige

    12:09 That isn't a Japan thing, it's an American thing. They got it from America. (hence why it's in English, "Sea Chicken" シーチキン)
    Chicken of the Sea is the most famous canned tuna brand in America, and that's how they adapted the phrase from it.

  10. 1127 Pcy

    For the Jagariko hack, if you add sakeru cheese, you can make cheesy mash potatoes!! ( it was a trend last year I think? It’s called Jagariko aligot)

  11. Austin Paz

    Find Rakkan Ramen! VEGAN BROTH. Literally the best ramen I've ever had. They have stores in LA but originate in Tokyo. Get the Spicy Miso Garnet.

  12. Saturncat

    "I just wanted you to eat butt man noodles" 😂 I also love those little vitamin C drinks, I drink them when I think I need a Vitamin C boost.

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