Japanese Reacts to "What my trip to Japan was like" by Jaiden Animations

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“What my trip to Japan was like” by Jaiden Animations


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27 Replies to “Japanese Reacts to "What my trip to Japan was like" by Jaiden Animations”

  1. alexandre beriault

    If I go to Japan with my parents, I can pretty much bet I'll become my own Finding Carter…. No one but me knows what Finding Carter is, I know.

  2. sushi gooo!!!

    I know its not the same but watching her video was funny because my family once lived in korea when i was 4-5. Now obviously there are differences in culture and unlike Jaiden who is asain my family is very much European looking… if you know what i mean.😂 so the amount of times korean woman would pick up my brother and i, and walk to there friends saying, "beautiful baby, beautiful baby," as my mom frantically runs after them three blocks down is hilarious. I would just stand in their arms T-posing not knowing what is going on.😂😂 thats only one story but it happend many times.😂 not to mention all my mom knew in korean was, "hello and thank you".🤣 anyways i also wanted to say i really enjoyed your video. I like to watch people react to videos especially about their culture as i know nothing about my own cultures let alone others and its interesting to see how others react. Plus i learned a few new things from this video, thank you for sharing.😊

  3. Autum Breeze

    I went to Japan with my dad back in 2012, so 4 years before she did.

    No joke, the best 3 weeks of my life.

    We went to so many places, including the Ghibli museum, Tetsuka museum, several theme parks including Mt. Fuji Q, Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea and even just walking around Akihabara was so much fun.

    The only real negative was 1 day when a monsoon hit the area we were in, so we had to cut our day's plans short and hop on the bullet train to get to Tokyo, but we got delayed so long that, instead of getting there at 6pm, we ended up arriving after 11:30pm.

    Other than that though, it was an enormous amount of fun and I loved immersing myself in the culture.

    1 odd thing happened though.

    While looking for the Suginami Museum, we were passing through a neighbourhood I had the weirdest feeling I'd been through before, which made no sense since it was shortly into our trip, so we hadn't been in any similar areas before that day and that trip was literally the first time I'd ever been outside my home country of Australia.

    But, it got weirder.

    As we reached an intersection in the street, I immediately had a simultaneously vivid and vague memory of being a child running through that specific intersection and being really happy when I'd been running.

    Again, this trip was the first time in my entire life I'd been outside Australia, so I was completely baffled as to where this memory came from.

    It was vivid in that I could clearly remember running in that area and the happy feelings I'd had at the time, but nothing else stood out in the memory.

    I couldn't tell how old I was in the memory, my name, why I'd been so happy, nothing.

    To this day, I still have no clue where that memory came from.

    My only possible guesses are I was either regaining a fragment of memory from a past life in which I'd lived in that area of Japan or a ghost had shared its memory with me.

    Either way, it's 1 souvenir from our trip I'd have never expected to return with.

    Do hope I'll be returning to Japan either later this year or sometime next year.

  4. Heather Feathersong

    For the record the "rude girl" was just an exaggeration for comedy. I love how every Japanese youtuber who watches this is always so "that's so rude I'd never be that rude". I'd be the same, whenever I can't understand someone cause of a language barrier I try to figure a means to communicate even if its just with shitty google translate ^^;

  5. TheBirdBrained

    Ironically Jaiden’ voice was one of the biggest things she feels self-conscious about, she’s always blown away when people tell her they like her voice! Anyways I enjoyed the reaction! You should watch more of her animations, they’re all very good

  6. John Russel Quiambao

    Her Animation Skill is Lit i totally adore her skill and envy her creativity ! ART IS MY PERSONAL WEAKNESS I FREAKING GOT NOTHING OF IT IN MY SOUL, i assure that even a prep or kindergarten student is much much more talented in arts that me, but imagination counts right? i guess, seeing this type of video about japan makes me wonder what will i react if this happen to me and i'm alone in that specific time, at least in this particular video she gave people "outside of japan" a hint about what's happening there when your a tourist, what to do and what to know, that's why i really adore this kind of content, (as always u entertain and make's your video very natural and that's what makes it stand out compare to other content, you always explain or put effort in it which makes your video more meaningful that expected and i'm totally into it, thankyou for everything ANI, always take care and keep yourself safe, i hope to see you soon! ^_^ )

  7. Falcon. Exe

    Him: after watching this video I have fallen in love with her….voice
    My heart almost stopped when he paused before voice 😂😂

  8. NekochanMegu8

    She does a kind-of-but-not-really "Face Reveal" in one of her videos if anyone is curious about what she looks like.
    I honestly did not expect that from her though.
    I was content with her just being a Character in her videos because not everyone is comfortable with others knowing about how you look.

    There is also this video if anyone wants to watch her draw in a competition against other Artists:


    Please and Thank You for reading my comment~!~!~!

  9. Fight

    good video, loved the animation. when i went to japan, me and my family would always use google maps, it was extremely easy, it would tell you the track number and everything, so there was really no problems.

  10. Phil Hendrickson

    Very cool and funny, fortunately for me, I could ask what platform to get on going to for example Hokaido on the train. Oh and knowledge is power, and faith to accomplish something is a well known method of accomplishing the desired goal. Faith can move mountains, so The Japanese people putting faith in various rituals and incantations, well, it's all been around for a long time. In one form or another, magic, witchcraft, soccery, religious rituals etc,,,

  11. ElonTheMuskrat

    Jaiden animations sounds like every girl in my high school lol. My dad was going to go to japan for work when he was performing in a marching band…

    Also I have a great idea for a video idea, reacting to bad anime fansubs. Fansubs are subtitled created by fans, and groups like Coalguys and Commie subs can meme out to the point of it being impossible to read. Commie subs got popular by Gigguk, and made their SAO 2 OP is the most well known and is a work of art, but most of their stuff can just become ridiculous. I found them when trying to watch Oregairu. They put a batman mask on Hachiman during the entire OP. I was sold. CoalGuys is famous for their translations purposely being horrible to just meme the fuck out of their content. If you want I can send you the files to the fansubs because they are difficult to get nowadays.

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