Kingdom Hearts 3 for PC ⁴ᴷ Hercules (Japanese audio)

This is our true HD (4K 60fps) full playthrough of Kingdom Hearts III + Re Mind for PC (released on the Epic Games Store.) This contains the entirety of the game from start to finish (including the base story, Re Mind, the Limit Cut episode, as well as the Secret Episode.) The routing on this playthrough was a little rough, the boss fights could be much better, and we didn’t know that players could choose the PlayStation buttons over the Xbox buttons. This playthrough will be redone again at some point in 2022 to correct the issues mentioned.

You can view the full playlist for this Kingdom Hearts III + Re Mind playthrough here:

Mode: Kingdom Hearts III
Difficulty: Beginner Mode
Text Language: English
Voice Language: Japanese

Kingdom Hearts III for PC (Epic Games Store)
Published by Square Enix
Developed by Square Enix
Released on March 30, 2021

Nontendo Utopia (sister channel to Nintendo Utopia) provides the highest quality non-Nintendo no commentary gameplay on YouTube.

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7 Replies to “Kingdom Hearts 3 for PC ⁴ᴷ Hercules (Japanese audio)”

  1. sushu

    AHHH IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!! kh3 is such a beautiful game 😭 im so happy you can switch the voice options in the pc version i love the japanese voiceovers so much

  2. Omega Fran

    It's so unfair how just this game and Mom have audio switching option. I wanted to play Birth by Sleep with Aqua original voice 😭😭😭😭😭

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