DELTA ONE to Tokyo – Japan Travel vLog [Pt.1]

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14 Replies to “DELTA ONE to Tokyo – Japan Travel vLog [Pt.1]”

  1. John Porter

    Who’s this editor of yours?? Regardless of how epic and enjoyable your footage is, the loaded Transitions make it a bit difficult to understand what’s happening at some parts. I’d love to have a shot at editing your future videos Antoinette!

    I’ve edited documentaries, promos and music videos and would be happy to give it a shot!

  2. writergrlT

    I love that you planned a solo trip. I'm planning my first solo travel trip next year for my birthday because humans are flakey and I'm tired of depending on them so I said I'm planning my trip and if I have to go solo i will.

  3. Thorsten Fautz

    Cool Trip! Nice Porsche! Pls try some Kobesteak?! Or some other nice Food from Tokyo!!! And you always nice to watch!! Part 2 pls soon!!!

  4. fearthetree

    You were so cute! I also have a sesame seed/ oil allergy and live in Japan! Watch out for Gyoza (fried/ sometimes boiled dumpling) and Chinese food in Japan as well as those almost always have sesame 😰 people are usually great about allergies so sorry that guy sucked

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