One day vegan trip in Nikko🌞 | vegan life in Japan

Nikko travel vlog of my husband and me, both vegan and Japanese. We went to Kamihashi bridge, Toshogu shrine, Chuzenji lake, and Gyoushintei, the Buddhist cuisine restaurant. Nikko was beautiful and shojin ryori was so tasty. Hope you can enjoy the atmosphere from wherever you are♡

Thank you as always✨
※Make sure to turn on the subtitles🦥

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▽Little introduction
Hello everyone☀
・My name is Mira
・I live in Tokyo, Japan.
・My diet is plant-based, I love animals🐖🐓🐄
・Putting up videos on a plant-based, sustainable and earth-friendly life🌍🌱

I’d love to be connected with people who love earth, peace, green, nature, travel, animal❤

traditional japanese garden, shrines and temples, couples travel, live peacefully

#tochigi #buddhistcuisine #slowtravel

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